[Upcoming Webinar] Leankor – Transforming Manufacturing Project Delivery

Our CEO, Emilio Bernabei and Jon Billings, General Manager of SunCo Sunspaces Inc explain first-hand how Leankor & Salesforce helps manufacturing companies transform their commercial delivery operations.

There are many challenges facing today’s manufacturing companies when it comes to successfully delivering to their customers. Leankor helps digitally transform companies with complex, customer-centric projects, so they can achieve better business outcomes, like greater gross margin protection and faster revenue recognition. Leankor is a visual, customer-centric enterprise project and work management solution built on the world’s #1 leading business cloud platform – Salesforce.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate how Leankor brings customer and project data together or a single digital platform to enable a proactive, customer focused approach to enterprise project management. Leankor’s clients include iconic companies in the solar , medical devices and industrial manufacturing sectors to drive on-time delivery and achieve better financial outcomes for their customer delivery projects. Key takeways from this webinar include:

– Gain insight into compressing project delivery & implementation cycles to increase gross margins

– Learn the different Ways of Working and collaboration to support global scale projects

– The benefits of a single digital platform to support all business units and functions across a project

– Leverage an existing Salesforce implementation to allow sales and operational teams to collaborate on customer deliverables.

– Hear recommendations and approaches on how to increase visibility and quickly understand risks

Leankor – Transforming Manufacturing Project Delivery
Tues, May 15, 2018
10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EST