Order to Cash

Salesforce and Leankor Ensure Business Continuity

How Salesforce and the Right Work and Project Management Solution Can Ensure Business Continuity and Accelerate Delivery Success in a Remote World Business ideologies develop, progress, change, and sometimes even fail over time. Some of the best ways of working can become obsolete as technologies evolve and cultures shift. Managing projects has been around long […]

Engineer to Order Manufacturing Robot Head

What is Engineer To Order (ETO) Manufacturing?

Engineer to order is an adaptive, demand-driven approach to the manufacturing process. It is usually the right solution when details on a customer order are not provided and engineering development must be added to product lead time (http://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/leadtime.asp). ETO is a great technique for boosting sales and improving margins for those companies with customers needing […]

Order to Cash Cycle

What is an Order to Cash Cycle?

In manufacturing, the order to cash cycle is the sequence of steps from the beginning of an order to when the company completes the order and receives payment. It is a crucial business process because it encapsulates the most important engagement between the client and the company. Order to cash can refer to orders for other businesses or for customers. In this post, we will explain the steps within order to cash and describe their importance.