Modernize Complex, Long-Running Public Sector and Government Projects with Real-Time Collaboration and Visibility

Leankor’s composable solution digitally transforms Public Sector and Capital Investment Planning (CIP) projects to streamline end-to-end coordination and monitoring.

Secure in Salesforce’s Government Cloud

Foster On-Time, On-Budget Project Delivery with a Unified Source of Truth Across Projects

Long-running and complex projects require next-level collaboration and visibility. To achieve this requires the digitalization of manual processes and the integration of various business applications systems to create a unified source of truth. Leankor’s composable work and project management solution, built on Salesforce’s Government Cloud, digitally revolutionizes projects, delivering real-time visibility into project status encompassing budgets, milestones, deadlines, roadblocks and more. This fosters effortless collaboration among both internal and external stakeholders across the public sector and CIP projects.

The impact? Leankor, reduces lead times and gains immense efficiencies in Public Sector, CIP and government projects from ideation and design to execution.

The Right Fit for the Large-Scale Challenges of Public Sector and CIP Projects

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Digitize and Integrate Manual Processes

Connect manual and disparate processes to improve internal and external project collaboration and control. Leankor transforms complex projects by digitizing and centralizing all project-related activities to provide a complete, end-to-end view that acts as a sole source of truth. 

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Gain Enterprise Scaling Capabilities

Eliminate silos of information by gaining a platform that can scale across the organization. Leankor interconnects different work styles, methodologies and communication channels across projects and departments for ease of scalability and adoption.

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Compose To Address Complex Needs

Eliminate old, expensive and inflexible legacy solutions and upgrade to a customized solution that supports user adoption and meets your unique requirements. Leankor’s intuitive, highly composable solution allows you to configure to your needs without custom code, technical debt or infinite change requests from expensive developers.

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Ensure End-to-End Visibility into Projects

Access real-time insights into complex timelines, milestones, and work tasks with a solution that is easy to use and intuitive. Leankor provides 360-degree visibility into projects, priorities and KPI’s across even the largest, multifaceted, resource-intense, multi-year projects.

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Create a Centralized Project Hub

Ensure collaboration across all employees, external vendors and subcontractors. Leankor bridges the gaps between Management, Finance, Project Management, Engineering, and Politics, providing a centralized location for all project-centric activities resulting in improved collaboration and communication.

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Improve Decision Making

Drive more strategic decisions by leveraging historical data, project KPIs and feedback loops across project phases. Leankor reduces risks and prevents project delays through personalized dashboards and reports that provide complete transparency and real-time insights.

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Increase Performance Outcomes

Adopt modern, flexible technology that increases team productivity and allows for quick changes while mitigating risks and ensuring projects stay on time and on budget. For more effective coordination and monitoring of projects, Leankor enables your organization to have 360-degree visibility into the work being done.

Optimize Work and Project Management

Learn how to streamline, secure and strengthen operations for optimized order-to-cash value streams and increase revenue recognition.

Meet the Future of Project Planning for Infrastructure and CIP Projects

  • Modern Cloud-Based Solution for the Public Sector
    Automate manual processes, gain next-level control over projects and ensure seamless collaboration across management, finance, project management, engineering, and politics.
  • Secure in Salesforce’s Government Cloud
    Rest easy with a work and project management solution natively built on Salesforce and secure on Salesforce’s Government Cloud.
  • Supports Compliance and Budget Adherence
    Ensure alignment with complex compliance and budget requirements by gaining full project transparency, intuitive dashboards, performance monitoring and automated reports.

Transform Your Public Sector and CIP Projects with a Solution Focused on Visibility and Collaboration

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