Connect Your Construction Projects to Build Optimal Workflows

Leankor supplies proactive, virtual project management to efficiently control your projects and baselines. 

100% Native to Salesforce

Heighten Awareness and Visualization for All Your Projects

Transform your infrastructure and construction projects with a solution that manages the entire process through every phase, from design to construction, resulting in increased value-chain control, on-time completion and outstanding customer-centric outcomes. Leankor’s cloud-based work and project management solution helps construction firms effortlessly and virtually manage their projects, people, interdependencies, communications and documents. Leankor also helps stakeholders and partners gain valuable project insight at any point.

The impact? Leankor improves your baselines by bringing together your internal teams, subcontractors, projects and customer data in real-time. This digital transformation of processes increases revenue through accelerated delivery and customer satisfaction.

The Right Fit for the Large-Scale Challenges of Construction Projects  

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Develop 360 View for Complete Transparency 

Acquire a control tower view of all your projects. Leankor provides managers the personalized dashboards they need to analyze all of their baselines and teams. They can now roll all projects into one holistic view. Schedulers also gain accountability into missed deadlines or other risks and can update priorities in real time. 

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Improve ShortandLong-Term Planning 

Improve engagement, support and contribution for more scalable projects. Resources and adoption do not flow evenly. Leankor features always updated information that allows for optimized resource and capacity planning. This allows decision-makers to stay ahead of the curve, and secure the people and equipment they need.



Gain a Solution Ideal for Multiple Methodologies

Link work styles for optimal project planning and management. Leankor translates and adapts different operational and project management styles for seamless workflows. This includes Lean principles, Critical Path Method, Kanban, Gantt Charts, Waterfall, pull planning, hybrid and more.

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Employ an Intuitive and UserFriendly Solution 
Apply a solution that was designed with every user in mindLeankor is a visually dynamic, easy-to-learn and simple-to-use interface intended for individuals of all levels. Because it is a more instinctual user experience it allows for faster expansion and adoption, preventing costly operational inefficiencies.

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Foster Team Communication and Collaboration  
Bring together your team in real-time, no matter where they are. Construction projects have a lot of moving parts and people. Leankor’s digital application allows for virtual collaboration and communication in the moment, anywhere, any time – using their desktop or mobile app.

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Deliver Projects On-Time in Every Stage 
Achieve consistent completion in every stage. Leankor features a situational awareness for managers that allows for a complete analysis of cost, production and scheduled baselines. This proactive management helps update priorities, mitigate risks and keep schedules on track.

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Turn Project Data into Actionable Information 

Leverage state-of-the-art AI for informed decision making. Leankor is natively built on Salesforce and can utilize applications like Einstein Analytics (AI) and Tableau to identify, quantify and mitigate risks through customer data. These platforms capture trends and risk factors—helping to highlight issues before they become more costly problems. 

Deliver Better Results with Up-to-Date Information

Leankor is great to keep our projects under control and deliver better results. It has allowed us to keep our projects organized and our team updated on overall project status and completion. Leankor has been very responsive to our needs. A very good experience!Leankor Customer

Learn how construction organizations managing large-scale and complex projects can achieve business continuity while improving bottom-line results.

Built for Construction.

The Work and Project Management System that is Your Blueprint for Success.

  • Organize Documents and Data 
    Leankor is an all-in-one solution that streamlines document and data management in real-time for accurate, critical decision making. 
  • Analyze Budgets, Costs and Margins 
    Leankor centralizes all financial information for a 360-view of all budgets, as well as past, current and forecasted costs.
  • Gain Real-Time Risk Surveillance 
    Leankor provides the information managers need to successfully assess project risk and focus more time on quality and safety risks. 
  • Leverage Remote Access 
    Leankor’s mobile application easily connects the field to the office for work on the site or anywhere you go. 

Transform Your Construction Projects with a Solution that Keeps all Phases, Projects and Priorities on Track  

Ready to evolve your complex construction projects into easy-to-manage, collaborative plans? 

Start streamlining your projects for improved delivery and bottom-line results. 


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