Innovative Visual Enterprise Work Management

The only solution that replaces all your current tools with a single comprehensive solution for delivering customer projects.

Managing work is at the core of customer project delivery.

Customers expect on-time project delivery. Many companies are challenged with the endless amount of tools required to sell and deliver to a customer successfully.  Replace all of your current software that manages your tasks, projects, resources, processes, automation and even reporting, with a single solution built for today’s enterprise-class companies.

On top of all of that, leverage Salesforce, the best enterprise-class CRM to gain visibility into the information in your sales process all the way to the completion of your project delivery cycle.  This innovative marriage of sales and operational data allow companies to optimize their business processes like never before and in a manner that can benefit the entire company.

Leankor’s Enterprise Work Management solution helps companies gain a competitive edge that is unprecedented in today’s technology-driven world.

Solves some of the biggest challenges in today's business world.

There are a few business challenges that are universal to all industries and businesses. The hurdle to solving these challenges has always been getting an entire company to solve them together.  With all of the software and technology on the market today, everyone has an answer to singular challenges but still companies struggle because they are not working towards their common goal as a whole company.  Our EWM solution removes the silos in an organization and provides an easily adaptable solution so that entire companies can work towards effectively solving challenges together.

Leankor Collaboration Platform


Lack of Visibility

Gain visibility into all levels of work to ensure that business-critical decisions can be made with the greatest level of success.


Data Silos & Blackholes

Leverage a single platform for all sales and operational data to keep important information from being lost or actioned on incorrectly.


Unsatisfied Employees

No more struggling with software that is difficult to use or not suited for the task at hand. Ensure employees are happy by allowing them to work the way that best suits them individually and as a team.


Financial Risk

Remove risk from your business by having an accurate “In-Context” view of your companies entire customer portfolio. This provides decision-makers with all the information to properly assess and mitigate risks well before they become an issue.

Features & Benefits

The perfect solution that helps you run your business the right way.

Allow your employees to work in a task list that only shows what is relevant to the work that they are assigned.

Leankor My Work

Our flexible Kanban project boards will allow all of your teams to work in a methodology that fits their work management style.

Leankor Kanban Project Board

The Plan Gantt is not only packed with features but also facilitates our innovative hybrid, allowing Kanban cards to be links to activities.

Leankor Plan Gantt

Gain true visibility into your entire project portfolio which allows critical business decisions to be made faster and more accurately.

Leankor Project Portfolio Management

Remove all doubt around having overloaded or under utilized resources across teams, departments and projects.

Leankor Resource Management

Leankor is perfect for forward thinking companies.

The staff at Leankor are experts in Work Management and that is why we know there is a better way to manage work.

Our goals are to enable teams of all types and all levels of an organization to collaboratively work together with everyone managing work in the method that best suits them individually or their team.

By providing a solution that achieves these goals, we feel that companies can finally break free of outdated project management tactics and into the New World of Work Management.

We want every company to know that the best way to manage work is for their whole company to do it together.

Take charge of your business with enterprise work management software that drives real results.