Project Management for Complex Customer Projects

Connect everyone, collaborate more and manage proactively for better project results

Make Project Management Work for Everyone. Make More Impact.

Leankor transforms project management so companies with complex, customer-centric projects can achieve better business outcomes, like greater gross margin protection and faster revenue recognition.

Traditional enterprise project management solutions are built on ERP systems and companies using them typically see common challenges around communication, collaboration, data accessibility, timeliness and quality and difficulties supporting different project methodologies.  These challenges lead to project inefficiencies, increase project risk, shift project delivery dates and negatively impact project financials.

That’s where Leankor comes in.  We are transforming Project Management so we can:

Make it intuitive. Leankor’s visual, easy to use solution is for everyone on your project team, not just experts


Make it work for different ways of working (WOW). Different is good.  Support different ways of working and achieve superior project outcomes.

Team Collaboration

Make it collaborative. We help you connect everyone, everywhere so you can engage people around a common project vision and realize amazing project results

Make it customer focused. Leankor intertwines customer delivery management with project management so you can achieve better customer delivery and satisfaction for complex, service delivery projects


Make it real-time. Using Leankor’s solution you can see project health and status all in one place, all in real time.

“Sunpower is using Leankor to bring their operations manual to life and to deliver more stable, profitable projects.” – VP Operations


Enterprise Work Management
Plus The Worlds Best CRM

Leankor is built on the Salesforce Cloud Platform, which allows businesses to have one single source of truth for all of their customer sales and project delivery data.

Built on the #1 platform in the world: Salesforce

Leankor is built on the Salesforce platform which means you realize all the benefits of the world’s leading cloud platform, including: best in class security and availability; integration with other Salesforce tools; and being able to access all project and customer data in one place.

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Features & Benefits

The perfect solution that helps you run your business the right way.

Allow your employees to work in a task list that only shows what is relevant to the work that they are assigned.

Leankor My Work

Our flexible Kanban project boards will allow all of your teams to work in a methodology that fits their work management style.

Leankor Kanban Project Board

The Plan Gantt is not only packed with features but also facilitates our innovative hybrid, allowing Kanban cards to be links to activities.

Leankor Plan Gantt

Gain true visibility into your entire project portfolio which allows critical business decisions to be made faster and more accurately.

Leankor Project Portfolio Management

Remove all doubt around having overloaded or under utilized resources across teams, departments and projects.

Leankor Resource Management

Transform project management.
Better business outcomes for complex, customer projects


You’re in good company.