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Leankor AI Next-generation work and project management technology that harnesses the power of AI to scan and synthesize project data, for enhanced visibility, automation and insights
Salesforce Driving Extensibility in Work and Project Management Adaptable solutions with composable components simplify scalability and composability for bottom line profitability
Streamline and Orchestrate Complex Industrial and Telecom Projects from Order to Delivery Learn how enterprise organizations are keeping teams, partners, customers and data aligned, in real-time, throughout the entire project lifecycle for improved profitability Secure in Salesforce or as a Standalone SaaS.
One Size
Does Not Fit All
Gain an easy-to-scale enterprise work and project management SaaS solution designed to address the unique needs of industrial organizations. 100% Native to Salesforce
Unify Industrial Processes Globally Connect your teams and their disparate methodologies anywhere, anytime for real-time collaboration and visibility. 100% Native to Salesforce

You’re in good company.

Leankor Transforms Large Scale Delivery into Bottom Line Effectiveness

Leankor generates revenue faster by offering a solution that provides better delivery management and predictability. At Leankor, we are transforming outdated, fragmented project management practices with a dynamic, customizable and user-friendly SaaS enterprise work and project management solution designed around the specific and unique needs of industrial enterprises. Securely hosted in the Salesforce Cloud, Leankor meets all your project needs in one, scalable tool.

It’s the right time for the right solution.

Engineered to Provide Enterprise Results

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Collaborative Work Management
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Scalable Project Management
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Realtime Resource Management
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Dynamic Dashboard Reporting
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Risk Surveillance Management
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Innovative Portfolio Management
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Intuitive Life Cycle Task Management

Speed-up Revenue Recognition with On-time Project Delivery—Every Time.

Leankor takes complex large-scale enterprise work and project management to the next level by providing all the tools you need to successfully manage every customer delivery project in your queue.

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Transformative. Enable Innovative Industrial Project Management.

Transform the way you do business with a cloud-based enterprise solution that increases flexibility, reduces delivery timelines, allows remote workflows and enables collaboration, all while improving your bottom line.

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Flexible. Configure to Your Industrial Organization.

Customize Leankor to fit your unique industry workflow, no need to alter your processes to fit the tool. Our solution supports teams, projects, and portfolios across your enterprise, no matter what kind of methodologies and styles you use.

Visual Icon
Visual. Gain a 360 Customer-Centric Project View.

Give users a situational awareness of all projects through a 360 control tower view of your enterprise. Create an environment that enables more strategic decisions by providing your team a highly visual project and work management tool to visualize numerous projects and their correlated information.

Collaborative Icon
Collaborative. Connect Your Teams—Anywhere, Anytime.

Connect and unify worldwide teams, processes, and projects to proactively manage your organization. Leankor unites teams and disparate methodologies allowing them to brainstorm, preplan, plan, discuss and review projects. Individuals and teams finally have access to the same, current information, allowing them to all be an effective part of the planning process.

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Scalable. Ensure Rapid, Accessible Growth.

Scale your complex projects rapidly with an easy-to-learn and simple-to-use enterprise solution that seamlessly responds to increasing demands, growing workloads and additional resources. Leankor’s simple-to-scale solution compresses delivery cycles, enabling time-saving measures, while reducing costs.

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Effective. Keep Delivery Success on Target.

Improve delivery outcomes while providing teams the environment, tools and resources needed for disruptive, highly competitive markets. Leankor improves the health of your projects and workflow by reducing timelines, assessing risks and providing real-time visibility, safeguarding on-time delivery and improving cash flow.

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Reliable. Gain Real-time Reliability.

Empower your decision-makers with the accurate, current information, resource availability and data they need to make informed decisions. From C-Suite to coordinators, everyone has real-time insight into portfolios, projects, people, resources and active workloads.

Designed to Fit Your Industry-Specific Workflow

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B2B Telecom
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Energy and Wind
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Biotech and Pharma

Start and Scale Industrial Projects Rapidly with Our Salesforce Cloud-Hosted SaaS Solution

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Available through your Salesforce work environment or as an independent SaaS solution, Leankor addresses complex project needs in one simple to scale tool. Securely hosted in the Salesforce Cloud, one of the most trusted and reliable platforms, Leankor improves performance, productivity, security and stability.

Transform Your Enterprise with a Solution Focused on Outcomes

Ready for real results? Experience for yourself the enterprise work and project management solution that transforms your complex projects into easy to manage, collaborative plans, all while compressing your order to cash cycle.