Achieve On-Time Customer Delivery Every Time through Real-Time Data, Collaboration and Streamlined Order-to-Cash Processes

Leankor’s solution compresses delivery cycles and improves revenue recognition for Manufacturers.

Secure in Salesforce or as a Standalone SaaS

Gain a 360 Control Tower View of All Data and Projects for Reliable Delivery

On-time delivery equals enhanced customer satisfaction and quicker revenue recognition. Manufacturers can now utilize a holistic 360 view of all their customer and project data from sale to delivery. Leankor’s highly-visual and easy-to-use work and project management solution allows individuals to use personalized dashboards and reporting for informed decisions. It also seamlessly supports and links different workflows and project management methodologies throughout their organization. Leankor enables industrial manufacturers to bring together all the components they need to successfully and proactively manage every project in their queue.

The impact? Using Leankor, Industrial Manufacturers can decrease project timelines and create more stable projects that result in consistent on-time delivery and faster revenue recognition.

The Right Fit for the Large-Scale Challenges of Industrial Manufacturing

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Enable a Continuous Improvement Mindset

Gain an all-in-one, real-time, cloud-based solution that provides high visibility into your global projects and supply chains. Leankor tracks and manages on-time delivery performance and revenue targets by transforming complex projects, that span numerous teams and workflow styles, into easy to manage, collaborative plans that deliver.

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Meet Customer Requirements Quickly and Efficiently

Develop rapidly, and at scale, when customer requirements arrive.  Built for Industrial Manufacturers, enables you to deal with unexpected surges in production and demand, while creating more stability, avoiding significant shortages and mitigating losses in time and revenue.

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Connect Workflows and Processes Seamlessly

Link different work and project management methodologies in your organization for smooth project transitions across departments throughout the project lifecycles. The result, improved communication, real-time access to accurate data and on-time delivery.

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Gain Visibility into Every Project and Resource

Compile all project information and factory metrics into one tool that links disparate systems. Leankor’s visual dashboards heighten insight into demand and resource availability, giving project leads and executives the information to make informed decisions and manage risks across all teams and projects.

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Unite Remote Teams Worldwide

Reduce delays by uniting world-wide teams in real-time, allowing them to brainstorm, preplan, plan, discuss and review projects. Leankor’s advanced features to support distributed Industrial Manufacturing teams remove communication boundaries, enabling virtual, effective communication and collaboration.

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Improve Data-Based Decisions

Gain real-time metrics that drive better business decisions. Now you can collect, analyze, visualize and distribute lead times, cycle times, throughput and cumulative flows, in real-time. Leankor’s shared personalized dashboards and connected data provide essential transparency for Industrial Manufacturing project efficiency.

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Define Value Streams and Grow Profits

Ensure projects stay on track to deliver on-time, assuring customer satisfaction and improved revenue recognition timelines. Offering the tools leaders need for value stream mapping, Leankor helps Industrial Manufacturer’s to achieve agility in volatile markets.

Business Continuity in Industrial Manufacturing

Learn how to streamline, secure and strengthen operations for optimized order-to-cash value streams and increase revenue recognition.

On Order:

A Better Work and Project Management Solution.

  • Build to Order (BTO)
    Manage your order to cash business process more efficiently, and with greater transparency into production KPIs, capabilities and global supply chain readiness.
  • Engineer to Order (ETO)
    Advance your project management software to foster rapid deploitation in demand-driven environments.
  • Assemble to Order (ATO)
    Streamline your ATO manufacturing to develop projects that nurture quick delivery based on any customer requirements.
  • Make to Order (MTO)
    Meet the diverse needs of your clients quickly and efficiently by ensuring timely production once the order is received.

Transform Your Manufacturing Projects with a Solution Focused on Your Delivery Outcomes

Ready to take your Manufacturing work and project management processes to the next level? 

Start compressing your delivery cycles to improve your order-to-cash delivery outcomes.

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