Build Better Business Outcomes for Industrial Manufacturing Projects

Delivering projects on time to customers is critical to client and financial success for manufacturing companies. Leankor helps you bring together your people, project data and customers to so you can proactively manage projects to improve gross margins and increase customer satisfaction.

“Leankor gives users access to what’s happening on a project. It’s a quick way to see what’s going on with the tasks people are working on. Everyone can see project status information and update inputs in real-time without needing to be in the same room.”

Visualize your project and work management to better communicate and collaborate on complex manufacturing projects

Customers expect on-time project delivery. Manufacturers need a way to share information with people and teams across the globe so they can work together to deliver projects successfully.

Leankor enables manufacturers to bring together all of the people (from different teams and functions, including supporting their different ways of working) and all of the project data from all of the different sources so everyone has a one central, real time view of project health. Its highly intuitive and visual solution helps people collaborate and communicate more efficiently and gives people a way to manage their work and risks more proactively. The impact? Using Leankor, telecom companies can decrease project timelines and deliver more stable, profitable projects.

Leankor helps you tackle some of the biggest challenges in manufacturing:

Gross Margin Pressure Icon

Gross margin pressure
It’s challenging to ensure that all the players are involved in delivering complex projects stay on track. And when they don’t, project gross margins suffer.

Real Time Data

Data challenges: disparate data, lack of real-time data and data accuracy
Project data is often housed in many different systems across the enterprise, so it’s challenging to know which data is current and accurate. And it’s hard to make good decisions with stale or inaccurate data.


Lack of visibility into project info, status, metrics
If their project information isn’t easy for everyone to see, it’s difficult for project leads and executives to have the information they need to manage project status and risks across all the key players.

Customer Satisfaction

Managing customer satisfaction levels
Most traditional PM solutions are tied to the ERP which means that projects and the people on them are focused on internal processes and metrics. This approach is a challenge for solar projects since customer sign off signals project delivery and triggers revenue.

Leankor helps manufacturers bring together people and project data to deliver customer success

Manufacturers can use Leankor to enable a new approach to project and work management. Leankor helps share information with people and teams across the company or globe to align to project goals and customer success.
People and teams can collaborate more effectively and act proactively to keep the project on track. Rolled up views provide leaders with an executive portfolio view of project health. The ability to see and report on all project data, made possible since Leankor is built on the Salesforce platform helps to improve customer communication and satisfaction.
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Features & Benefits

The perfect solution that helps you run your business the right way.

Allow your employees to work in a task list that only shows what is relevant to the work that they are assigned.

Leankor My Work

Our flexible Kanban project boards will allow all of your teams to work in a methodology that fits their work management style.

Leankor Kanban Project Board

The Plan Gantt is not only packed with features but also facilitates our innovative hybrid, allowing Kanban cards to be links to activities.

Leankor Plan Gantt

Gain true visibility into your entire project portfolio which allows critical business decisions to be made faster and more accurately.

Leankor Project Portfolio Management

Remove all doubt around having overloaded or under utilized resources across teams, departments and projects.

Leankor Resource Management

Leankor’s solution works for industrial manufacturers including:

Build to Order

Build to Order

Leankor’s lean manufacturing tools enables you to use our visual project management software to manage your order to cash business process more efficiently for greater transparency into your daily operations.

Engineer To Order

Engineer to Order

Getting to a final deal takes a fair bit of upfront work that needs to be managed.  With ETO software, you can stop using spreadsheets to manage the upfront ordering process.

Assemble to Order

Assemble to Order

Leankor lets your assemble to order manufacturing parcel out project-based manufacturing work to your various assembly teams and keep senior management updated on delivery progress.

Make to Order

Make to Order

Make to order manufacturing (MTO manufacturing) can be simplified with a lean manufacturing where digital visual pull systems improve your overall order to cash workflow.

Deliver more profitable manufacturing projects with Leankor.