Enterprise Work Management for Manufacturing

Cut down on customer project delivery delays and finish ahead of time. Ensure that your production schedules are run efficiently, gain visibility in all levels of delivery work and optimize order to cash cycle with enterprise work management software from Leankor. It’s a powerful, flexible and adaptable solution to get it done.

Managing work is a the core of the manufacturing process. Do it visually.

Customers expect on-time project delivery. Manufacturers are challenged to become more customer focused with efficient business processes, real-time data for decision-making and visibility into project workflows.

To maximize order to cash profitability, manufacturers need a fully integrated CRM and lean project delivery solution regardless of customer requirements, location or sales channel.

Leankor’s order to cash solution helps manufacturers deliver on complex product solutions.

Manufacturers can become more customer-centric with visual workflow, efficient processes and real-time product delivery and expense data tied to customer records eliminating costly miscommunications and improving the revenue cycle.

We tackle some of the biggest challenges in manufacturing today.

There are some common challenges that every manufacturing company struggles with as they grow.  Move past those challenges with an Enterprise Work Management solution that has been developed to target and remove these struggles before they hinder your company from reaching its full potential.

Manufacturing Project Management


Lean Manufacturing

Drive down operational costs and maintain profitability by improving critical business process work required to complete your project delivery.



Utilize a new & innovative toolset that allows you to break free from traditional project management to gain the edge on your lagging competitors.


Successful Planning

Ensure that delays are mitigated and roadblocks are dealt with before they are a problem with visibility into all levels of your customer project delivery work.


Financial Risk

Gain visibility into exactly where you can optimize your business in order to increase revenues and improve cash flow with real-time reporting.

EWM Success in Manufacturing

“We knew that the company would be undergoing significant change through upcoming acquisitions as well as a reorganization of work teams to execute on new strategic initiatives.  Both sales and operational executives wanted an integrated, visual management system to support both Lean operational excellence as well as improving overall visibility of each and every quote-to-cash customer engagement cycle.”


Leankor’s order to cash process implementation.

Features & Benefits

The perfect solution that helps you run your business the right way.

Allow your employees to work in a task list that only shows what is relevant to the work that they are assigned.

Leankor My Work

Our flexible Kanban project boards will allow all of your teams to work in a methodology that fits their work management style.

Leankor Kanban Project Board

The Plan Gantt is not only packed with features but also facilitates our innovative hybrid, allowing Kanban cards to be links to activities.

Leankor Plan Gantt

Gain true visibility into your entire project portfolio which allows critical business decisions to be made faster and more accurately.

Leankor Project Portfolio Management

Remove all doubt around having overloaded or under utilized resources across teams, departments and projects.

Leankor Resource Management

Leankor is perfect for

Engineer To Order

Engineer to Order

Getting to a final deal takes a fair bit of upfront work that needs to be managed.  With ETO software, you can stop using spreadsheets to manage the upfront ordering process.

Build to Order

Build to Order

Leankor’s lean manufacturing tools enables you to use our visual project management software to manage your order to cash business process more efficiently for greater transparency into your daily operations.

Make to Order

Make to Order

Make to order manufacturing (MTO manufacturing) can be simplified with a lean manufacturing where digital visual pull systems improve your overall order to cash workflow.

Assemble to Order

Assemble to Order

Leankor lets your assemble to order manufacturing parcel out project-based manufacturing work to your various assembly teams and keep senior management updated on delivery progress.

Configure to Order

Configure to Order

Leankor’s visual project management brings all tasks to life on a visual project board so your teams can collaborate on your configure to order manufacturing (CTO manufacturing), enabling you to deliver faster.

Take charge of your business with Enterprise Work Management software that drives real results.