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Uplevel Your Work and Project Management with Leankor AI

Increase efficiency and profitability across large and long-running projects with next-level insights and automation using Leankor AI, a Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) engine powered by advanced algorithms and trained on project management and enterprise work management principles. Seamlessly integrating with Leankor’s collaborative work and project management solution, Leankor AI interacts with users in a natural way. By intelligently scanning and synthesizing project data, Leankor AI provides deep visibility, improves usability and provides actionable insights across project status, risks, resources, budget and more. With Leankor AI, users can create intelligent workflows using the Salesforce workflow engine, leverage out-of-the-box, no-code project analyzers to search project, CRM and ERP data, or build custom prompts to further personalize AI-driven project insights and data-driven recommendations. Using Leankor AI for project automation, users can free up valuable time, eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline processes.

The impact? Next generation work and project management that harnesses the power of AI, enabling you to preemptively flag potential risks and eliminate inefficiencies.

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Process Project Data Intelligently
Deep dive into complex project data including project-related discussions, Agile scrum boards, CRMs and ERPs to summarize and analyze project status, risk, financials and more, and identify paths to optimize performance. This new level of insights into project metrics unveils patterns and trends in real-time ensuring you see and can act on what truly matters for project success.

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Leverage Pre-Configured Project Analyzers
Streamline strategic planning and decision-making with deep AI intelligence while eliminating the need for complex, expensive and time-intensive prompt engineering by leveraging pre-built project analyzers designed to scan, assess and automate projects. Out-of-the-box project analyzers include those that search for factors critical to keeping tasks on track and are designed to identify common roadblocks including schedule slips, financial overages, delay risks and more. Other pre-built analyzers provide visibility into and automate key project activities including resource planning and allocation, scheduling, status updates and more. Simply drag and drop these pre-built analyzers into a project and you’re off.

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Extend AI-Driven Insights and Automations 
Build customizable project prompts that analyze work to provide data-driven recommendations and automate tasks specific to your organization’s complex projects with ease. Using Leankor’s built-in, no-code workbench, users can build, package and deploy new prompts or clone and modify out-of-the-box analyzers to better meet their unique needs with simplicity.

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Scalable and Reusable

Enable In Context Learning and Multistep Processing 
Use Leankor’s workbench, built on the Salesforce workflow engine, to compose even more sophisticated AI workflows and intelligence. Simply drag and drop to chain together pre-built analyzers and custom-built prompts to create multi-step prompts that summarize and synthesize complex data sets. Reuse and package up custom built prompts/workflows and deploy with customers, partners and within future projects.

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Enhance the User Experience
Generate custom prompts and complex workflows leveraging the easy-to-use workbench with drag and drop functionality. Plus, present the results of these complex queries as highly visual and graphical representations for at-a-glance understanding.

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Update Teams in Real-Time
Promote effective communication amongst teams and stakeholders across all channels while reducing time spent on manual tasks by automatically generating and distributing key project updates and status reports.

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Ensure Customer Data is Secure
Rest easy knowing that Leankor AI is a secure AI architecture, built on the Salesforce platform. Ensure alignment with your organization’s security requirements and customer agreements while benefiting from the power of AI by filtering out and shielding sensitive and confidential data from the AI engine.

Leankor AI Use Cases

Leankor AI and GPT engine enable best in class work and project planning: 

  • Focus teams on opportunity areas to improve performance by searching through projects to identify key metrics that provide visibility into overall effectiveness 
  • Scan through thousands of chatter discussions on an ongoing basis and gather updates on the project status/key milestones and identify conversations that need to be addressed
  • Ensure timeline adherence, compliance alignment and project health with real-time AI-triggered alerts and recommendations for increased performance
  • Deep dive into data across multiple platforms and generate real-time insights for efficiency improvements by submitting complex queries 
  • Optimize performance by gaining a deeper understanding of how resources are being used and budgets are being allocated
  • Increase efficiency by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks including resource scheduling, allocation and capacity planning
  • Ensure the right people are on the right projects by scanning performance data and pinpointing resource strengths


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