AI Project Management FAQs: How to Harness the Power of AI in Work and Project Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of work and project management, the infusion of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a transformative force, reshaping traditional methodologies and paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and innovation. With new and innovative AI-powered technologies continuing to enter the space, many questions have emerged. This article answers frequently asked questions and sheds […]

large scale project management

The Role of Collaborative Work Management Solutions in Large-Scale Project Management

It may sound obvious, but enterprise-sized projects need an enterprise-sized work and project management solution to ensure on time and on budget delivery. So, what exactly qualifies as an enterprise-sized project? Common characteristics include multi-faceted, complex projects with many dependencies that span numerous teams and departments and have multi-month or even multi-year timelines. Examples can […]

scaling agile

Scaled Agile, Collaborative Work Management and the Path to Digital Maturity in Large Scale Project Management

Agile product development continues to make waves across enterprise organizations, delivering an unmatched ROI across large-scale and complex projects. In examining the merits of the methodology, a global study from Harvard Business Review found that some organizations using Agile are “achieving 60 percent higher revenue and profit growth.” Results like these are making the case […]

Digital Friction FAQs and the Role of Collaborative Work Management in Overcoming It

In virtually every organization, multiple technology solutions are adopted for a wide range of reasons such as improving productivity, simplifying tasks, streamlining processes, and more. While these solutions generally deliver an overall net positive benefit, they can also produce significant distractions that affect the entirety of an organization and leave the full potential of the […]

What Is Collaborative Work Management (CWM) and How Can Enterprises Use It for Competitive Advantage?

The tidal wave of recent events has brought swift and lasting change to the way work gets done in enterprises. To support these new and still evolving work models, Collaborative Work Management (CWM) solutions are gaining traction and providing many enterprises a competitive advantage. Still, many leaders have not yet been able to wrap their […]

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3 Key Trends in Collaborative Work Management Tools for 2022

Amid the unprecedented events and impacts of the recent past, arguably the most successful organizations have been those that are highly flexible and adaptive to change. As a result, more and more enterprises are now looking to Collaborative Work Management (CWM) tools/solutions to help their organizations and people stay nimble and connected as more change […]

Order to Delivery Work and Project Management: Improve Profitability and Reduce Risks Across Enterprise-Sized Projects

For many enterprises, there is a lack of visibility and collaboration across their large-scale industrial and telecom projects. This disconnected approach not only impacts organization wide performance and profitability, but more importantly, impedes business users’ ability to drive big picture strategic decisions. To gain the critical insights and collaboration needed to improve profitability and reduce […]

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Amplify Real-Time Collaboration with Next-Level Work and Project Management in Salesforce and Slack

If you’ve ever worked on the securement, planning and/or implementation of a large-scale project, then you know the importance of delivering on time, on budget, and on spec —every single time. In addition to meeting the major milestones driven by tight timelines, to ensure success, all projects must align with the bigger picture business strategies […]

distributed project management

Distributed Project Management: Modernize the Way You Work with Enterprise Work Management

As processes and technology evolve, so does the meaning of Project Management. Our modern understanding of Project Management has not always been the predominant definition of the role. In today’s shifting landscape, as collaboration becomes better facilitated by technology, the meaning of Project Management continues to change—traditional responsibilities are being distributed from one or few […]