Order to Delivery Work and Project Management: Improve Profitability and Reduce Risks Across Enterprise-Sized Projects

For many enterprises, there is a lack of visibility and collaboration across their large-scale industrial and telecom projects. This disconnected approach not only impacts organization wide performance and profitability, but more importantly, impedes business users’ ability to drive big picture strategic decisions. To gain the critical insights and collaboration needed to improve profitability and reduce risks, business as usual will no longer cut it.

To keep up with the evolving business landscape, organizations are being forced to rethink legacy ways of operating. They need new approaches to increase visibility and collaboration throughout the lifecycle of projects. To gain this, they are turning to order to delivery project planning and management.

Adopting an Order to Delivery Mindset – Aligning Projects Throughout the Entire Lifecycle

To achieve true alignment across the organization, enterprises are looking to next gen solutions that are focused on more than just planning and managing projects once an order is closed. For improved profitability and reduced risks, it is instrumental to move past traditional project management and align projects throughout the entire lifecycle – as early as the sales and opportunity development stages. This is where legacy project management solutions and approaches fall short – they only manage siloed projects and teams once the order has been placed.

Today, organizations are changing the way they operate and adopting an order to delivery mindset. By implementing an end-to-end work and project management software to drive decisions across ALL project stages, enterprises are not only able to boost efficiencies, reduce risks and increase profitability, but also:

  • Gain 360° visibility across the lifecycle of projects
  • Orchestrate complex projects and tasks from order to delivery
  • Keep teams, partners, customers and data aligned, throughout all project phases in real time

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Gain 360° Visibility Across the Lifecycle of Projects

Transformative work and project management solutions provide complete transparency into projects and priorities across all phases – well before the order is closed and project planning begins. Acting as a centralized hub, future forward solutions provide 360-degree visibility into all project activities providing comprehensive insights on tasks, timelines, performance, resources and financials – from order to delivery. These next level insights across projects:

  • Provide early visibility into project profitability and risks to allow business users to drive important business decisions
  • Promote risk mitigation, helping to avoid costly mistakes before they occur
  • Ensure the creation of realistic timelines, budget estimates and delivery plans
  • Boost on time and on budget project completion

Orchestrate Complex Projects and Tasks from Order to Delivery

Industrial and Telecom organizations need a solution to help manage the entire project lifecycle, acting as a single source of truth for all project related activities. This approach enables a solution to become an uber orchestrator of projects that starts earlier, as early as the pre-sales stage where opportunities are developed and RFP’s are delivered.

To streamline the orchestration of complex projects from order to delivery, forward-thinking work and project management solutions simplify planning and management across teams and stakeholders at every phase. In the pre-sales/sales phase, business users are able to model projects and ensure all installation and configuration estimates are based on the precise levels of effort, time and resources required. In the project creation phase, teams can automate manual and time-consuming projects using the product quote to drive the development of the project plan. At this phase, they can also use predefined project templates to streamline and simplify project creation. In the planning and delivery phases, order to delivery solutions enable enterprise-wide collaboration. They provide real-time updates as tasks are completed and milestones are reached and ensure necessary steps are enforced across projects to drive consistency and governance.

Plus, truly innovative work and project management solutions further orchestrate and streamline activities throughout the different phases by offering the ability to integrate with leading solutions like Salesforce to extend the functionality of specialized applications, including chatbots like Slack. 

Keep Teams, Partners, Customers and Data Aligned, Throughout All Project Phases in Real Time

For true order to delivery project management success, multiple sub-processes, systems, departments and partner organizations need to align. To do this, enterprise organizations need cutting edge technology that enables teams working across all project stages, including internal and external stakeholders, to access and share data in real time and collaborate across locations on tight timelines. Different teams use different methodologies, and solutions shouldn’t force consolidation to a single approach. To ensure all teams stay in continuous alignment, collaborative work management solutions also allow hybrid approaches and chatbot integrations across projects and departments. For true collaboration from order to delivery, all methods should be interconnected and unified to allow teams to work the way they work best, communicate with ease (including in their regular Slack communication channels) and accelerate progress. 

Achieve True Order to Delivery Success

Industrial and Telecom organizations need strategic and real-time insight to drive highly informed decisions – from order to delivery. They also need technology that is geared to help them orchestrate and automate large-scale projects to boost organization wide efficiencies. Combined, these advanced capabilities and elevated situational awareness will:

  • Link the organization like never before, streamlining tasks and providing complete transparency into project activities and priorities
  • Enable teams to proactively mitigate risks and better manage profitability
  • Increase collaboration and efficiencies across distributed teams
  • Improve profitability and reduce risks across industrial and telecom projects

Leankor, a transformative order to delivery work and project management software, acts as end-to-end solution that optimizes all project activities and boosts insights. From early phases, which include RFP development and project creation through to later phases which include planning, delivery and beyond, Leankor transforms large-scale project complexity into efficiency and profitability.

A highly composable solution, Leankor is built with an adaptable framework that can be customized or configured to meet the evolving needs of internal or external business users. Also for Salesforce users, the Leankor work project can be dropped into Salesforce as a component, for example, adding it in the opportunity page. The result? Business users and project contributors at all levels gain access to customized dashboards and the critical project details they needed to drive highly informed strategic decisions.

Proven to improve automation and drive efficiencies across all project phases, Leankor is 100% native to the Salesforce platform. This means, Leankor allows enterprise organizations to even further amplify order to delivery work and project management by optionally integrating with applications including Salesforce Communications Cloud or CPQ. For added flexibility, Leankor can also extend the power of other Salesforce applications like Field Service, Tableau, Communities and Slack.  With these integrations and the deep features in Leankor’s solution, enterprises are able to achieve true order to delivery success.

To learn how Leankor’s work and project management software can help you modernize the way you work and boost data-driven decisions, schedule a demo today.