The Role of Collaborative Work Management Solutions in Large-Scale Project Management

It may sound obvious, but enterprise-sized projects need an enterprise-sized work and project management solution to ensure on time and on budget delivery. So, what exactly qualifies as an enterprise-sized project? Common characteristics include multi-faceted, complex projects with many dependencies that span numerous teams and departments and have multi-month or even multi-year timelines. Examples can be seen across a few industries including:

  • Infrastructure project management: Including the planning and development of bridges, highways, railways and airports 
  • Energy project management: Including the planning and development of wind and solar farms and power plants 
  • Manufacturing project management: Including the planning and manufacturing of heavy machinery, parts and medical devices 
  • Pharmaceutical project management: Including vaccine and drug development
  • And so many more 

For large-scale projects like these, collaboration is key and that is why Collaborative Work Management (CWM) solutions play a major role in their success. More specifically, when used on complex projects the robust functionality of CWM solutions:

1. Unlocks 360-degree project visibility

CWM solutions provide next-level visibility in large-scale projects by centralizing and orchestrating all project-related activities including tasks, timelines, resources, financials and more. This 360-degree project view across all teams, departments and business users ensures complete transparency at all levels. 

In addition, industry-driving CWM solutions are equipped with the ability to easily develop role-based dashboards, ensuring every stakeholder can quickly access the project data and updates of interest. This at-a-glance visibility of complex projects ensures the delivery of mission critical information at all levels, enabling proactive and timely decisions.  

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2. Ensures real-time collaboration across departments and teams

CWM solutions are all about fostering collaboration, and this is essential in long-running projects that span multiple teams. They allow everyone involved in these enterprise-sized projects to unite and communicate with ease. From various collaboration tools such as chatbots, Microsoft Teams and Slack; teams are empowered to communicate in the way they communicate best. This flexibility provides cross-functional teams the ability to collaborate and align on strategic objectives throughout the project lifecycle. 

The most advanced CWM solutions can also seamlessly link distributed teams, enabling shared automations and templates, and adapting to different methodologies, from Kanban, to Lean, to Agile, Gantt and more. Interconnecting enterprise resources in this capacity is game changing when it comes to the successful planning and management of large-scale projects.

3. Provides flexibility to adapt to changing business landscapes 

Multi-month and multi-year projects are highly susceptible to change. While not ideal, organizations that are managing and planning these long-running projects need the ability to pivot. Leading CWM solutions with high composability are built with a flexible framework that can be customized and changed to adapt to fluctuating business needs. This unique and powerful capability allows business users to create and easily modify custom, no code, applications and portals to streamline work and project management, from order to delivery. In addition, leading solutions enable seamless integrations with other applications providing the ability to expand functionality as business needs change. Examples include integrations with industry leaders like Salesforce and their powerful applications like Field Service, Tableau, CRM Analytics, Slack and more. 

4. Ensures informed and data-driven decisions  

When planning and managing large-scale projects, there is a lot at stake. According to a study by Wellington, 54% of the organizations they surveyed do not have access to real-time project KPIs. This lack of up-to-date data makes decision making difficult, and even the smallest decision can impact the health of a project. It is because of this, every decision must be backed by real-time insights. 

Top-tier CWM solutions with dynamically updated dashboards and reporting make this possible. They provide up-to-date and detailed information into all aspects of a project, including timeline status, resource constraints, roadblocks and more. These quick access data points can empower more business users to manage risks and make informed and strategic decisions across the entire project. 

CWM Solutions Driving Profitability Across Enterprise-Sized Projects

Enterprise-sized projects require transformative solutions that equip organizations with broad work and project planning functionality. Changing the way organizations operate, CWM solutions are proving to be the front-runners for these complex projects, keeping teams more closely aligned and providing the real-time insights that keep projects on time and on budget. 
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