Agile Waterfall Hybrid Methodologies

Which Methodology is right for your company? Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid.

Project Life-Cycle Methodologies There are two major philosophies concerning how to approach the planning and structuring of project management or life-cycles: The traditional and straight forward methodology and the more recently developed and dynamic methodology. This article will clarify some of the key differences between these methodologies, examine what circumstances are best suited for one […]

Agile Lean Manufacturing Production Line

Why Agile Methodology might be right for your manufacturing company.

Why Agile Methodology might be right for your manufacturing company Product development and management for manufacturing companies has, historically, been a simple case of you take what you can get. Operations support technologies to maintain networks between the various working parts in the a manufacturing product making it to a customer simply was not there. Various […]

Agile vs Waterfall

Agile Methodology vs Waterfall Methodology Which is better for your Project?

  Agile Methodology vs Waterfall Methodology: Which is better for your Project? The popularity of standard waterfall techniques for creating applications is swiftly decreasing as newer Agile strategies are progressively implemented. So just exactly what are these techniques, and which is superior? Waterfall Methodology The waterfall method has each stage in a manufactured product’s life […]