Project Management Solutions for Industrial Enterprises

Salesforce and Leankor Ensure Business Continuity

How Salesforce and the Right Work and Project Management Solution Can Ensure Business Continuity and Accelerate Delivery Success in a Remote World Business ideologies develop, progress, change, and sometimes even fail over time. Some of the best ways of working can become obsolete as technologies evolve and cultures shift. Managing projects has been around long […]

Digital Transformation and Setting-up Teams for Success

Digital Transformation for Global Enterprises, Setting-up Individuals and Teams for Success through a Cloud-Based Work and Project Management Solution   No matter what your enterprise does. No matter what is at the end of your project delivery. No matter what is going on around the globe or in your own department. Nothing would get done […]

Digital Transformation, Business Continuity and Revenue Recognition

Digital Transformation, Business Continuity and Revenue Recognition. How Real-time Workflows Across Your Enterprise and Teams Can Improve Your Bottom-Line.   When COVID-19 knocked on the foundations of many industrial organizations, some companies realized that working remotely did not affect how their employees worked day to day, while others have faced a new business changing reality—a […]