Digital Transformation and Setting-up Teams for Success

Digital Transformation for Global Enterprises, Setting-up Individuals and Teams for Success through a Cloud-Based Work and Project Management Solution


No matter what your enterprise does. No matter what is at the end of your project delivery. No matter what is going on around the globe or in your own department. Nothing would get done without the dedicated individuals and teams working on ensuring your projects deliver on-time. These are the people that make vital decisions each day to help move each large, long running and complex project along.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people preforming work remotely became not just a priority but a necessity. Yet, how does a global enterprise seamlessly transition its complex project workflow and business processes to a remote model and still stay on track? The answer might be surprising to some—transfer your project work to all-encompassing virtual work and project management solution. Even more importantly, a cloud-based solution that allows individuals to work from anywhere using a mobile or desktop app. An application that gives everyone on your teams a 360-control tower dashboard view of people, projects and priorities. This continually updated data coupled with real-time collaboration and communication is the first big step to consistent project success.


Reliable Real-Time Data for Full Transparency

Nothing can throw a wrench into your best laid plans like outdated data or someone not seeing an important communication regarding a project. In many enterprises it is hard to keep up to date with information because of disparate processes and siloed systems. Many organizations still use a number of unlinked applications. In some realities, individuals may need to log into five or more systems to make one part of a project move and there is a real possibility something could have changed during that process. Experian Quality Data reports that inaccurate data has a direct impact on the bottom line of 88% of companies, with the average company losing 12% of its revenue. Individuals want to successfully manage their projects and provide the best results for their teams, but their efforts are only as good as what is given to them. And if what they are given is old, incorrect information it can play a huge role in delivery delays.

This lack of connection between individuals and teams can lead to critical errors impacting project health and an increase risk of delay, compromised timelines and soaring budgets. A lack of real-time data and visibility can cause:

  • Incorrect conclusions or resolutions
  • Disconnection from overall strategy
  • Bottlenecked workflows
  • Over assigned resources
  • Inability to properly handle change
  • Inconsistent processes

When people have access to a holistic, real-time view and long-term vision they can make informed decisions that impact the next step in the cycle. They are able to get ahead of potential problems and:

  • Make improved decisions based on accurate data
  • Connect strategy, management and execution
  • Smooth transitioning workflows
  • Properly assign resources
  • Address change quickly and easily
  • Achieve improved management and planning

In order to truly find reoccurring project success, executives must have a solution that gives them full transparency into of all their projects, people and information. Executives and managers who need that 360-dashboard view can take plans from all their projects and portfolios and roll them up into a comprehensive overview and outlook. And when rolling up into that view, they need the peace of mind that every single piece of data is the most current. That is why an enterprise work and project management solution like Leankor, which provides a control tower environment by containing all project components in one place and suppling only the most up to day and accurate information, is ideal.

Without the right analysis, data is useless.  Enterprises need a partner that maximizes the value of its data and ensures easy access for ongoing assessments of project health. They need a modern analytics platform that incorporates effective data governance and ensures that data is consistent and trustworthy. They need enterprise-grade security and deployment flexibility to empower users at every step. And data must be mobile as well, no matter where a user may be, when that remote user needs information it must be available.



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Collaborative Communication for Increased Productivity

Collaboration is a cornerstone for productive and effective project management. Salesforce finds that 96% of workers cite lack of collaboration as the source of workplace failures. And to validate that research, Clear Company also reports that 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project. Decisions don’t need to, and shouldn’t be, on an isolated island. When individuals can come together you get the best of all worlds. Every person brings a unique set of skills, perspective and knowledge to problem solving, only making the solution stronger. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

However, what COVID-19 has shown us, is that collaboration does not need to take place in the same room. Collaboration can take place across the globe, inside a virtual room. Whether people are in the office, on the way to the airport, working from home or visiting a site, all users need to be able to collaborate in real-time using either a mobile or desktop app. Using solutions like Leankor allow any user or outside collaborator to come together and view, analyze and edit Gantt charts, Kanban boards and more. Users come to the table with the same information and can quickly provide real-time updates, statuses and other notifications to key players.

Many systems don’t translate across departments. Today’s workforce needs a project management system that adapts across methodologies. A user in one department that uses a lean methodology shouldn’t need to change their process to fit an software that only compliments a scrum master in another department. It is now more important than ever that enterprises have a solution that bridges these processes and methodologies together without compromising what is working.

One stigma that enterprise work and project management solutions have is that they can be incredibly hard to use. Thoughts of advanced MIT degrees and complicated formulas pop into mind. And with some software, that is true. That is why a SaaS project management solution like Leankor is vital for success. Leankor has transformed cumbersome and unnecessarily confusing systems into a superior intuitive interface that was made with every user in mind. In addition, using highly visual elements helps users easily digest and use information.

If all users can’t use a solution—what is the point of that solution? Enabling all users to easily access, utilize and facilitate project movement through an application that is inherently instinctual grows the connected and collaborative frame of mind. It also fosters the collaborative spirit. If only some users can actually understand the application, this can cause numerous problems, including divides among teams, lengthy training and project interruptions.

A user-friendly interface is also crucial for a remote workforce to be successful. Intuitive software is designed to combine art and science and saves users time and stress.  This more instinctual user experience allows for faster expansion and adoption, thus preventing costly operational inefficiencies. When a solution is highly visual and easy to use, individuals and teams are more likely to use it and use it to its full capacity. This improved experience allows individuals to effortlessly use their desktop or mobile app, which in turn assists in moving workflows and mitigating risk.


Effective Transformation

The advancement of project management for every user has finally come.  We are in the midst of a new business reality: disruptive markets, growing customer demands and constantly evolving technology. We are at a critical juncture that is vital to success. Enterprises need a project management solution like Leankor that unites people and their projects. It builds transparency for users through updated customer data from sale to delivery. It creates accountability for teams through interconnected tasks. And it generates increased customer success from better project flow and on-time delivery.

Leankor is natively built on the Cloud, one of the most trusted and reliable platforms. Due to this partnership, Leankor is able to improve performance, productivity, security and stability for its users. The Salesforce platform creates a distinct customer 360 advantage by extending valuable platforms like Service Cloud, Community Cloud, MuleSoft and QUIP. Salesforce has also built an industry leading AI platform, Einstein AI and continues to invest in boosting their capabilities through ongoing acquisitions of some of the best analytics applications on the market, i.e., Tableau.

These benefits allow users to achieve outstanding results. And when an application can make individuals’ jobs easier it also positively impacts their team, their organization and drives customers satisfaction. Enterprises that embrace dynamic solutions like Leankor set their teams up for phenomenal success.

Leankor’s solution serves industrial enterprises in Manufacturing, Construction, Solar, Energy and B2B Telecom with additional emphasis on R&D and product launches for Biotech and Pharma.

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