Kanban for operations teams

Kanban for Operations Teams, What you need to know

Managing a project and bringing it to completion requires the use of diverse tools and techniques. Kanban boards represent one of the best tools for project management. It helps bring together operations teams around a common goal by managing processes instead of resources and time. The rise of online process management boards has revolutionized this […]

Project Management with Kanban Boards

Using Online Kanban Board to accomplish Project Management

Project management encompasses a lot of things and scheduling is perhaps one of the most grueling tasks. Even projects that seem small can present some challenges when it comes to keeping up. Over the years, there has been a development of tools that play a critical role in managing projects of all sizes. These applications […]

Project Management Rs Reduce Reuse Revise

Project Management 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Revise

A far too common mistake I see when working with clients on setting up boards for managing projects and day-to-day workflow, is the desire to incorporate all the possible situations into the project board structure.  This results in an overly complex environment for team members to manage and report on their deliverable status.  It often […]

Digital Whiteboard

White Boards – When Good Ideas Fall Short

In the last couple of decades, the whiteboard has become a ubiquitous corporate office tool. Also known as dry erase boards, they rose to an almost cult status in the 1990s and have now become permanent fixtures in many corporate boardrooms and meeting rooms. In the past, whiteboards have proven to be useful tools when […]