Amplify Real-Time Collaboration with Next-Level Work and Project Management in Salesforce and Slack

If you’ve ever worked on the securement, planning and/or implementation of a large-scale project, then you know the importance of delivering on time, on budget, and on spec —every single time. In addition to meeting the major milestones driven by tight timelines, to ensure success, all projects must align with the bigger picture business strategies and overall organizational goals from opportunity development to delivery. This means, projects must be focused on and moving towards optimizing business performance at every step.

To add to the complexity, in today’s business environment, more people across different roles are making project critical decisions. This trend towards decentralized project management calls for resources and stakeholders at all levels, across distributed teams, to get involved in everything from task planning, resource allocation and project tracking to defining goals, identifying risks and implementing strategy shifts.

With all these factors greatly impacting work and project management, it means that the speedy transmission of data in real-time is more important than ever and next-level collaboration is key. Regardless of a contributors’ role in the project, each stakeholder needs complete visibility over all information shared. Flexibility is essential here and multiple software solutions need to be deployed and, most importantly integrated, including platforms to support work and project management and real-time collaboration.

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Future-Focused Collaboration in Work and Project Management

For enterprise sized projects that are focused on the business as a whole, organizations need a work and project management solution that not only provides 360-degree project visibility and streamlines tasks, but also offers flexibility in the way they collaborate – linking disparate systems and applications for even broader functionality and project success.  To reach next-level collaboration and optimize work towards achieving business goals, enterprise organizations need to adopt a transformative work and project management solution that streamlines composability and customization, enables teams to collaborate across platforms and interconnects work styles across teams. Let’s dive into each of these further.

Streamlines Composability and Customization for Enhanced Role and Interest-Based Collaboration

To keep up with changing times, enterprise organizations need a highly flexible work and project management platform that grows and adapts to their evolving needs. Composable applications and solutions, those with a flexible framework that can be customized and assembled in a variety of ways, are rising in popularity and boosting insights and collaboration at all levels.

Salesforce is the ideal backbone for such an infrastructure. As one of the most mature SaaS offerings on the planet —in fact, Salesforce was one of the first major SaaS vendors in the marketplace — Salesforce enables composability that is rarely seen across cloud software providers. When built on the Salesforce platform, organizations get all the benefits of the internal features/functionality of a collaborative work and project management solution plus simplified customization and composability enabled by Salesforce, whether they are subscribers or not.

A few key benefits of leveraging a work and project management solution built on the Salesforce platform include:

  • Provides organizations a flexible framework that can be customized to internal users, business users and customers and embedded into easy-to-access portals. This simplified customization allows organizations to drive role and interest-based collaboration, without the need for custom solution development or long product development cycles.
  • Enables teams to share individualized updates, summaries and dashboards and collaborate in real-time without requiring expertise or access to the project management solution. To simplify collaboration, new user interfaces (UIs) can easily be spun out to share role and interest-based data while including granular functionality, permission and access controls. These can be modified as required to present or withhold information where appropriate.

Enables Teams to Collaborate and Connect Across Platforms Through Leading Chatbots

As collaboration tools change, work and project management solutions need to adapt to promote a centralized hub for all project related activities. Future-focused work and project management solutions should support collaboration outside of the core solution by easily integrating with these communication solutions. A great example of this is Slack, one of the newest members of the Salesforce family, which is growing in popularity as it continues to drive real-time collaboration through chat across enterprise organizations.

According to recent studies, Slack, which remains the world leader in providing a disruptive solution for internal communications:

  • Has a daily user base that exceeds 10 million.
  • Is used enthusiastically by its userbase. The average Slack user remains signed into the platform for 9 hours per day.
  • Is used to transmit more than 1.5 billion messages per month.

Additionally, Salesforce recently announced its Slack-First Customer 360 platform which is reshaping the way teams get work done by connecting everyone in one powerful platform. When this boosted functionality is taken even further and integrated with work and project management solutions, the combined force delivers next-level collaboration and drives improved business and project results.

When done successfully, users should be able to perform project tasks directly within Slack channels to:

  • Gain real-time insights into what is going on in projects including insights on milestones, analytics, roadblocks and more
  • Extract quick information through their regular communication channel reducing the need to toggle back and forth or exit Slack to gather updates from their project management solution
  • Access and share project updates, including assigning tasks and tagging involved team members
  • Find specific project details easily and quickly through Slack queries including core information on what is assigned to them, what is delayed and where the holdup is

Even more impressive, with seamless Slack project management integrations, all of the communications and activities initiated directly in Slack channels would be added to projects and continuously updated in the work and project management solution in real-time.

Interconnects, Unifies and Adapts to All Workstyles Across Teams

To keep up with today’s shifting landscape, a transformative work and project management solution should promote collaboration with ease and remove communication barriers. It needs to enable teams to work the way they work best, communicate across departments and teams, and accelerate progress without forcing consolidation to a single approach. To successfully break down barriers, a future-forward solution needs to accommodate different methodologies, by enabling hybrid approaches across projects, teams and departments and allowing users to switch between various methodologies. From Kanban, to Lean, to Agile, Gantt and more, distributed teams use different methodologies and without implementing a solution that adapts to and connects each of these work styles, true collaboration will not be possible.

Achieve Integrated Collaboration that is Unmatched with Salesforce, Slack and a Transformative Work and Project Management Solution

Enterprise organizations need to amplify collaboration to continue to move towards achieving business strategies and goals while increasing project efficiency and profitability. To do this they need a highly flexible work and project management solution that integrates with leading solutions, drives next-level collaboration and aligns projects with organization-wide objectives.

From adapting to and connecting different workstyles to facilitating communication across platforms, organizations need technology that moves beyond basic project management and connects teams, departments and stakeholders in new and innovative ways. Transformative work and project management solutions should comprehensively streamline and orchestrate collaboration across multifaceted projects and tasks across teams and departments – throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Leankor’s cloud-based collaborative work and project management solution is highly composable and can be configured and customized to meet the evolving needs of distributed teams and business users, encouraging collaboration at all levels. For even more modernized communication options, it seamlessly extends the power of Salesforce’s Slack, allowing communication within Slack channels, where team members are actively working and collaborating. This simplified approach to communication helps teams work the way they want to/and how they work best for increased visibility and project wide efficiency.

Integrated with Slack, Leankor provides actionable project insights as part of an enterprise organization’s collaborative work environment. There are built in project queries and commands that can be initiated directly from Slack channels, and all conversations/activities are directly tied to Leankor project boards in real-time for ongoing tracking. A couple of examples of Slack queries include:

  • What am I waiting on? This query shows users any work that is held up and preventing them from moving forward. To get projects moving again, users can directly message people acting as a roadblock to gather status updates, share timelines and more.
  • What work do I have assigned to me? This query shows a birds-eye view of all active projects and tasks that are assigned to each user to streamline project communications and collaboration directly from Slack.

To boost collaboration even further and ensure cross-communication across teams and departments, Leankor has the industry-leading ability to link project management methodologies including Kanban, Lean, Agile, Gantt, Waterfall, hybrid, pull-planning and others.

100% native to Salesforce, Leankor can also extend the power of other applications like Salesforce Communications CPQ, Field Service, Tableau CRM, Einstein AI and so many more. These integrations, along with Leankor’s work management innovations, amplify enterprise wide collaboration for boosted business strategy alignment, accelerated timelines and improved project profitability

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