Leankor Raises $4.1 Million to Fuel its Growth Strategy, Delivering Unparalleled Work Management Capabilities to Salesforce.com Ecosystem

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Calgary, Toronto, Austin, November 20, 2019 — Today, Leankor, the visual work management platform that enables enterprises to optimize and accelerate complex order-to-cash processes, announced it raised $4.1 Million (CAD) led by several enterprise SaaS veterans with participation from ICM Capital Management, Hedgewood, Inc. as well as directors and executive management.

Leveraging and embedding the enterprise application integration, Business Intelligence, AI/ML and mobile collaboration capabilities of the Salesforce Platform and leveraging the Salesforce AppExchange which enables many thousands of 3rd party apps to share data and automate processes, Leankor is the only enterprise class work management solution which unifies order management teams with back-office operations while enabling real-time field service collaboration.  It does this by uniquely blending internal and external teams which may use vastly different work methodologies, including Agile/Scrum, Lean 6-sigma and Waterfall/Gantt project management. Global companies such as First Solar, SunPower/Total SA, Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson have deployed and are using Leankor today.

“We founded Leankor after trying to use different point-tools over the years to manage work and streamline hand-offs between teams,”said Emilio Bernabei, CEO & co-founder at Leankor.  “It didn’t make sense to us — why is the web portal technology for sub-contractors separate from the project management tool? And for our teams using Agile/Scrum, why did we have to buy a separate kanban tool then spend months integrating with customer delivery teams who used client/server Gantt tools?” 

Earlier this year, Leankor added significant new capabilities and integrations to Salesforce Field Service Lightning to enable long-running complex orchestration of hundreds and even thousands of work orders that must be deployed and delivered in sequence.  “Our customers kept asking why their project coordinators could not auto-schedule field service technicians directly from their Agile/Scrum Board, Lean Visual Management board or project Gantt chart,” says Geoji George, SVP Products and co-founder at Leankor. “Field Service Lightning provides world-class mobile field worker productivity and intelligent schedule optimization while Leankor provides all the visual tools for managing the overall delivery project.  We are two sides of the same coin.”

In the coming months Leankor expects to expand its sales and marketing teams while continuing to release high-value resource planning, collaboration and mobile workforce capabilities. The Leankor solution will continue to leverage the billions of R&D dollars Salesforce.com has invested into the Salesforce Platform, thereby delivering unparalleled capabilities to Leankor customers embarking on digital transformation initiatives.

About Leankor

Leankor is an enterprise work management platform designed to enable large enterprises to organize and optimize their complex order-to-cash delivery process.  As a web-based SaaS company built on the Salesforce Platform, Leankor is unparalleled in its ability to be customized, extended and integrated into modern enterprise cloud architectures.  Leankor is helping some of the world’s most iconic companies, like Johnson & Johnson, Sunpower and Sanofi to better deliver complex projects while seamlessly integrating different resource planning methodologies such as Agile/Scrum, Lean Management and Waterfall/Gantt.

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