Building the Plane While in Flight: How to Remotely Tackle a COVID-19 Business Continuity Crisis in Your Enterprise

Building the Plane While in Flight: How to Remotely Tackle a COVID-19 Business Continuity Crisis in Your Enterprise

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has come upon all of us swiftly and unexpectedly. Just a handful of months ago, no one could have foreseen a global pandemic threatening our livelihoods. However, the result is not an ominous post-apocalyptic world envisioned in science fiction; instead, it is one where, to help solve the problem, we are faced with social distancing on a massive scale. As business leaders, we are now tasked with keeping our organizations and workforce running, efficiently and profitably from thousands of remote, home-based locations, rather than a handful. If there were a positive to be said about this crisis, it is that we are living in a time that provides us technology that science fiction writers could have only once dream about. Right now, we can sequence and orchestrate many interlocking jobs and tasks remotely, efficiently and safely, while improving customer delivery cycles.

COVID-19 is unprecedented in the modern workplace and globally unparalleled in the last century. Organizations do not have the luxury of performing long, drawn-out research and analysis, hypothesizing if they should move away from workplan spreadsheets or project plan files trapped in hard-to-find file servers. COVID-19 has made that decision for us. Now is the time to acquire and strategically apply internet/mobile work management capabilities. The actions you take to preserve and protect your business during the next six months will not be the difference between achieving or missing quarterly projections; they will be make-or-break decisions for the survival of the business.

Even if your company has a business continuity plan, did they prepare for the type of disaster organizations are currently facing? Did they take into consideration the type of technology and Internet/mobile work management systems that are now available?


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Making the Digital Transformation for Real-Time Work Orchestration

Businesses need to be able to perform essential work remotely; organize workflows, orchestrate tasks, manage teams, as well as communicate and collaborate in real-time.  The switch to remote processes needs to happen today, not next month and not next week. While some organizations quickly made the shift to digital platforms, it has not been as fast-moving for the deeply complex worlds of Industrial Manufacturing, Utilities, Solar, Wind, Telecomm and Construction that have long relied on spreadsheet formulas and printed out Gantt charts on walls.  Your company cannot wait 3 or 6 months hoping COVID-19 will abate and the world will go back to normal. As McKinsey & Co. experts have already pointed out, the normal we come back to will be a new normal.


Link All Organizational Methodologies. Don’t Automate Islands.

With enterprise project and business management Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, teams can now easily assemble virtually. Workstream leaders can effortlessly manage the supply chain and successfully orchestrate customer delivery projects, all while reducing timelines and saving money. Individuals and teams can continue to perform and organize work leveraging their different, preferred operational methodologies. Whether a department uses Agile/Scrum, Lean or waterfall, all methods can become unified in a virtual platform and communicate with ease, making the management and movement of projects seamless. This can all happen while each participant in the chain is physically isolated at their home offices or in clusters of teams in regional satellite offices.


Leading the Charge on Large-Scale, Orchestrated Collaboration

 Not all project management solutions are created equal. Leading the charge on the mission-critical functionality mentioned throughout this article is Leankor’s enterprise project and business management SaaS solution. Leankor’s platform is one of the few solutions that recognizes and addresses the challenge of teams using different project management and organizational management methodologies. Leankor translates and adapts these different methods to ensure workflows are not compromised. From Kanban boards to Gantt charts it outperforms the competition by fluently enabling hand-offs to flow across individuals, teams, departments and third-party organizations in the supply chain.

Outside of the COVID-19 need to work remotely, Leankor saves valuable time and effort in managing your project and teams, leading to invaluable cost savings. Proven to deliver bottom-line results, Leankor has been implemented in some of the most renowned and reliable Fortune 500 companies in the world.


Ready, Set, Implement

Many organizations rely on outmoded systems and processes because the time to implement had never been ideal and the ideology of “if it ain’t broke” served them adequately. However, the pandemic brought a wake-up call. There is no more waiting; now is the time to establish reliable business continuity and successfully move forward in today’s climate. Here is a recommended three-step accelerated approach to transition quickly.

Step 1: Identify your core customer acquisition and customer delivery business processes and the key people that make them function.

Step 2: Map out your core supply chain partners and which teams support acquisitions, as well as the external logistics partners that make it function. Identify gaps where there are inabilities to synchronize and orchestrate human activities.

Step 3: Implement an integrated, cloud-based work management platform that provides real-time collaboration, communications and, most importantly, orchestration and dependency tracking of hand-offs across individuals, teams and 3rd party vendors.

Implementing other professed enterprise business solutions can quickly become unnecessarily complicated and costly, sucking up valuable time and money. Leankor can be implemented as quickly as a few days, to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your processes and how many teams you want to onboard concurrently. You do not need to have an IT data center installation or an extensive consultation process with numerous consultants. Leankor is securely hosted within the global business cloud, offering unparalleled security, dependability, extensibility and scale.


Today is the time to start.

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