Part 1 – 25 Quick Tips to Make Any Project A Success (Tips 1-5)

Project management comes naturally to some, but others must work hard to ensure their projects are completed correctly. What makes some managers better than others? Well, it starts with organization. A person who is well organized can accomplish much more than those who are not. Project management software is a great place to start. However, here is part 1 of our 25 quick tips to make any project a success we are giving you the first 5 tips so you to can achieve project success with every project you are managing.  Look forward to the next 5 quick tips next week.

1. Start with A Detailed Plan

There must be a timeline and plan from start to finish on how the project is going to play out. Visualize the entire things before it materializes. Before the first person gets involved, the plan should already be in order and ready to go.

2. Conduct an ROI or Cost Analysis

Will the project be worth doing? Evaluate the costs and makes sure that it gives the company the biggest value for the effort. It should also be a project that goes in the same direction the company is headed. If it is not enhancing anything, then it is not worth doing. There should always be a return on the investment.

3. Gathering The Right Team

The project details mean nothing without the right team. There should be a team leader and several others that sit under the leader. The leader needs to report back to management. Make sure that those designated have the best interest of the company at heart. The goal is project success, so there should be no slackers on the team.

4. Don’t Micromanage

One problem that many project managers have is they micromanage the project. When designating a leader, trust that they will do what is best for the company and the project management. Get daily or weekly reports and touch base with them, but leave them alone and let them work. People often get very frustrated when they are micromanaged.

5. Make Sure Everyone Is One the Same Page

One of the biggest problems a project manager will have is people with diversified ideas. Everyone needs to be in one accord to be successful. Make sure everyone understands the goal and works together to accomplish this.

As you can see, these first 5 quick tips to project success are pretty simple and easy to understand.  There is really no complicated formula or the need for years of schooling to achieve project success.  It just takes the understanding that a project is made up of many small components, actions and requirements.  If you deal with your project and apply these first 5 simple tips, you will be off to a great start when managing your current and future projects.