Tips to Help Your Employees Transition From Colleague to Manager

As a manager, one of your most important duties is to help guide your workers to become their best, most productive selves. And when you’re successful, oftentimes one of your employees will get a leg up in the form of a promotion. They definitely deserved a pat on the back for a job well done. […]

Top Kanban Resources To Guide You Through Building Your Board

When a manager opts to take the leap to lean management principles, it can be a daunting decision. With numerous tenets to master and train workers on, it can seem like an overwhelming task to implement lean and kanban into your workflow. However, there are hacks to help you make this transition a little easier. […]

A Few Tips To Help You Master Lean Principles

It’s a fairly simple task to read through and understand all the basic principles of lean management. However, mastering and implementing this set of philosophies is another task entirely. But there are some effective methods for successfully learning and implementing lean management into your organization. We’ve scoured the research, and here are some of the […]

Leankor to Present at Association for Manufacturing Exellence Conference

Leankor is headed down to Cinncinati, OH, this week to present at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence’s 2015 conference. Armed with a shiny, new booth courtesy of Indy Displays, we’re ready to introduce ourselves to the lean community and all the continuous improvement experts in attendance. We’re enthusiastic about explaining how Leankor can help attendees execute on […]

Daily Lean Tip: Using a ‘Knock Rule’ To Keep Meetings Efficient

When it comes to meetings, they sometimes seem interminable. It’s difficult to get anything done when your schedule includes one meeting after another. And let’s face it — not all of these gatherings are particularly productive. As a business leader, you definitely want to take a hard look at how most of these meetings are […]

The Benefits of a Virtual Kanban Board

When it comes to project management, one of the tried-and-trusted tools around is the kanban board. This board system is a great way to visually track the life cycle of a project or follow through task from beginning to end. And all you really need to build one is a whiteboard and some sticky notes, […]

A Handful of Lean Tools Every Manager Should Know About

While lean management philosophy maintains a specific number of tenets, there’s always a new must-have tool being released that touts the benefits of making lean more manageable. But as a lean leader, it’s tough to keep up with all the advancements, new software and latest buzz around this management methodology. Where does a busy manager […]

Using Lean Principles to Directly Improve Your Profits

Boosting profitability is an ingoing battle for every company. They tackle innumerable obstacles daily in order to create a leaner, meaner revenue-creating machine. Really, this is the end-goal for almost every organization: creating streamlined, efficient processes in order to boost their bottom line. It’s always a struggle to incrementally become more competitive, but adopting the […]

Top Tips For First-Time Managers

Congratulations — you’ve successfully climbed the ladder and are now a manager. Now what? This is a scary and exciting time in your career. You have more power than ever to effect change in your organization, but you certainly don’t want to blow this fantastic opportunity you’ve earned. So, what’s the best way to survive […]