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Productivity Tip #4: Take Stock: Checking Your Inventory

When it comes to cutting down on waste, business leaders may find it’s time to take stock — literally. Take some time to examine all your inventories, regardless of whether your company manufactures a product, widget or offers a service. As lean managers are aware, one of the seven deadly sins of waste is an […]

7 Deadly Sins of Production Wastefulness

When it comes to reducing overhead, fewer methods are more effective than eliminating as much waste as possible. A lean, productive machine is also hypothetically more profitable. Many companies may succumb to certain common types of production waste, particularly in the manufacturing world. These types of waste were originally identified by Taichii Ohno to improve […]

Lean Into It

And so there I sat, mouth agape, as my customer and construction industry veteran Bill Black explained, “The commercial real estate construction process is broken and mired in waste. Seventy percent of all projects end over budget and late, while up to fifty percent of the construction process is consumed in non-value add work consisting […]