The Benefits of a Virtual Kanban Board

When it comes to project management, one of the tried-and-trusted tools around is the kanban board.

This board system is a great way to visually track the life cycle of a project or follow through task from beginning to end. And all you really need to build one is a whiteboard and some sticky notes, which makes it a simple, scalable system for almost any department or industry.

And while kanbans originally were conceived as a method of monitoring tasks and projects via a plain whiteboard, technological advances in the last couple of decades have brought digital kanban boards to life. This next generation of workflow management software has added numerous levels of transparency and communication to this popular lean management tool.

While there are many advantages to use a virtual version of a kanban board, we’re rounding up a few of the top reasons to consider integrating this digitized tool into your workflow.

Ultimate Accessibility

One of the primary advantages a virtual kanban board has over their physical counterparts is that they’re accessible from everywhere.

That means that team members working out of different offices or remotely can log in and get instant updates on their project. With much of the kanban software available, the only thing team members need is a reliable Internet connection.

Real-Time Updates

Working hand-in-hand with the extreme accessibility of a virtual chanson board is the ability for team members to receive real-time updates. Colleagues no longer need to worry about whether they’re seeing the latest version of a particular document, or wonder if all the latest notes are incorporated into a particular task.

The live updating capabilities of most kanban software eliminates the hassle of toggling between multiple versions of a document and communicating across different platforms. Many virtual kanban boards allow team members to both communicate and collaborate easily right on each task card. That means discussions around tasks are more transparent and miscommunications and duplication of work can be avoided in many cases.

Fewer Pointless Meetings

One of the benefits almost everyone can get behind is a noticeable reduction in pointless update meetings. When progress on each task and project is transparent and every team member can see what’s going on at all points in the project’s life cycle, there’s no need to meet once or week (or more) to update the rest of the team.

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