Top Kanban Resources To Guide You Through Building Your Board

When a manager opts to take the leap to lean management principles, it can be a daunting decision.

With numerous tenets to master and train workers on, it can seem like an overwhelming task to implement lean and kanban into your workflow.

However, there are hacks to help you make this transition a little easier. Here’s a great compilation of resources we’ve pulled from and created ourselves to help you competently (and confidently) put together your first kanban board.

Kanban Tip Series

Need to know the basics on kanban and how to effectively create one? We’ve put together a series of in-depth tips to provide you with the know-how to scale a kanban board to your organization’s projects and workflows. Check out Tip #1: How to Set Up a Kanban Board to get a fundamental education on this tool and what it looks like. For tips on using a kanban to collaborate with team members, read Tip #2: How to Collaborate. To get a better understanding of the concept of Work In Progress and how to manage it, read Tip #3. To familiarize yourself on how analytics play a role in kanban workflows, read Tip #4: Measuring Your Workflows Performance. And to get a sense of the review process, read our fifth tip.

Lean Decision Filter

Not sure how to prioritize tasks and move projects forward using your newly created kanban board? Read up on the lean decision filter and how to apply it to sift through multiple options and make the best choice.

Lean, Kanban and Your Profits

Not sure what role the major tenets of lean management and kanban boards play into boosting your company’s bottom line? Our post on how to use lean principles to directly improve your profits is worth a glance. We round up several actionable insights that’ll help you apply lean management concepts in order to take your revenues to the next level.

What Does Kanban Even Mean?

For those who are just now being introduced to kanban and the concepts that inform this tool (or simply need a refresher), give our post, “What Does Kanban Even Mean?” a read.  We offer a brief history of this popular tool, explain how it has evolved over time and offer a basic explanation on how these boards can be used across industries to streamline workflows and move projects forward.

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