distributed project management

Distributed Project Management: Modernize the Way You Work with Enterprise Work Management

As processes and technology evolve, so does the meaning of Project Management. Our modern understanding of Project Management has not always been the predominant definition of the role. In today’s shifting landscape, as collaboration becomes better facilitated by technology, the meaning of Project Management continues to change—traditional responsibilities are being distributed from one or few […]

composable components

Extensibility and Composability: Composable Work Management Solutions and the Road to Delivering Greater Business Agility

In today’s fast-paced and complex business environment, enterprise organizations are facing growing challenges and continuous shifts in their business needs. Staying in front of these changes remains a priority, which is why enterprise organizations need a highly flexible work and project management platform that grows with their business and adapts to their needs. “Composable business […]

Salesforce and Leankor Ensure Business Continuity

How Salesforce and the Right Work and Project Management Solution Can Ensure Business Continuity and Accelerate Delivery Success in a Remote World Business ideologies develop, progress, change, and sometimes even fail over time. Some of the best ways of working can become obsolete as technologies evolve and cultures shift. Managing projects has been around long […]

Digital Transformation and Setting-up Teams for Success

Digital Transformation for Global Enterprises, Setting-up Individuals and Teams for Success through a Cloud-Based Work and Project Management Solution   No matter what your enterprise does. No matter what is at the end of your project delivery. No matter what is going on around the globe or in your own department. Nothing would get done […]

Dreamforce 2018 New at Salesforce Coming Soon on Leankor

Dreamforce 2018: New at Salesforce + Coming Soon on Leankor

The Leankor team just got home from Dreamforce 2018! Easily one of the best conferences in the world, Dreamforce 2018 was a great venue to meet customers, prospects, partners and Salesforce folks to share information with and about the Salesforce platform and community.

Leankor + Salesforce What Makes Us Work

Leankor + Salesforce: What Makes Us Work

Leankor is an enterprise work management solution with robust capabilities aimed at driving better business outcomes. While our application can be deployed on its own, using Leankor with Salesforce allows companies to have a single source of truth for all customer sales and project data – making for truly customer-centric project delivery.


Leankor is coming to Dreamforce!

The countdown to Dreamforce is on! One of our favorite events of the year, Dreamforce brings Salesforce Trailblazers together in San Francisco annually for several jam-packed days of fun and learning. Dreamforce 2018 is happening on September 25-28 – and yes, Leankor will be there!


Awesome Leankor Moments from Dreamforce 17

Dreamforce 17 is another Salesforce conference that is now behind us but not easily forgotten.  The entire Leankor team that attended was out of breath by the end of the 4 days after holding tons of meetings and presenting in the industry theater while engaging with Salesforce decision makers — and of course attending some […]

Leankor + Salesforce = The Ultimate Formula for Success

Leankor + Salesforce = The Ultimate Formula for Success

Like most early-stage tech companies, Leankor needs to gain an edge on competitors while delivering break-through value propositions to its customers — the sooner we achieve these goals, the better.  After extensive benchmarking and research, CEO & Founder, Emilio Bernabei came to the conclusion partnering with Salesforce was the only logical choice.  Leankor had a […]