Extensibility and Composability: Composable Work Management Solutions and the Road to Delivering Greater Business Agility

In today’s fast-paced and complex business environment, enterprise organizations are facing growing challenges and continuous shifts in their business needs. Staying in front of these changes remains a priority, which is why enterprise organizations need a highly flexible work and project management platform that grows with their business and adapts to their needs.

“Composable business is a natural acceleration of the digital business that you live every day. It allows us to deliver the resilience and agility that these interesting times demand,” said Daryl Plummer, Distinguished VP Analyst, during the opening keynote at virtual Gartner® IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2020. “We’re talking about the intentional use of ‘composability’ in a business context — architecting your business for real-time adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty.”

Delivering complex products and projects is harder now, more than ever, because timeframes are compressed and customer expectations are higher. As businesses look for ways to keep up with this accelerated pace of change and growing expectations, they are looking for solutions with greater flexibility. As a result, they are turning to highly adaptable solutions with composable components that enable increased scalability and functionality. Composable work management solutions are rising above traditional solutions because of their ability to be assembled in a variety of ways that better meet the needs of different business users.

Manage Work Better

Work and project management platforms that use composable components can be leveraged in a multitude of ways to manage work better, achieve outcomes faster and increase project success through:

  • A flexible framework that can be customized to specific business users whether they are internal users or customers
  • Extensibility and automation that streamlines processes, saves time and reduces costs
  • Quick actions that allow organizations to change as their business goals, strategies and approaches continuously evolve
  • A collaborative platform that minimizes duplicate work and inaccurate data

Industrial and telecom organizations with transformative work and project management solutions can increase project visibility and profitability. Watch our mini-cast to learn more.

Shape Something Meaningful

Configurable to fit the unique needs of the whole business, solutions with composable components allow organizations to build and customize in a variety of ways. Leankor’s work and project management solution is a great example of this, as it allows organizations to develop a broader solution that extends outside of Leankor to deliver what users need, where they need it. This flexibility allows organizations to share project updates, summaries and dashboards with special security and access controls to users who do not need access to the full project details. With Leankor’s focus on composability, creating new user interfaces can be embedded into custom portals for sharing with external users and stakeholders using the SalesForce community cloud. Even better, these interfaces don’t require solution expertise. This results in the ability for organizations to manage work better, with faster outcomes and increased visibility.

Gartner® puts it this way, “The building blocks of composable business enable organizations to pivot quickly.”

Leankor’s work management solution uses interchangeable components to help organizations keep up with an accelerated pace of change and achieve better business outcomes for the investments they are making by:

  • Reducing time spent on custom solution development and lengthy product development cycles that require large IT teams
  • Providing customizable automations and scripts that can be easily built and rearranged allowing users to switch between various methodologies, such as waterfall, kanban, agile and more

Extend the Value of Salesforce

Capabilities of the Salesforce platform are growing as they increasingly acquire powerful and industry leading technology. With Leankor’s solution, organizations can extend the value of Salesforce’s big ecosystem, whether they are Salesforce subscribers or not, by building on the platform to make it composable and customizable without having to start from scratch. Leankor is 100% native to the Salesforce platform providing unmatched security and enabling seamless integrations between Leankor and Salesforce’s powerful applications, like Einstein, Tableau, Vlocity, Slack and more. With numerous integration points, current Salesforce clients can further build on the market leading platform, extending the power of investments already made and accelerating time to value.

A Smarter with Gartner blog says, “The more these composable business ideas are integrated within your business model, the more flexibility and agility your organization will have. That means faster response time and more consistency in execution for this new type of business setup.”

Achieve Better Business Outcomes for Your Investments

Many businesses are achieving success, including improved communications and collaboration, increased efficiencies and faster project delivery with the adoption of composable collaborative work management solutions. Leankor’s enterprise work and project management solution helps organizations address changing business landscapes through the use of extensible and flexible applications that are interchangeable and customizable to their unique business needs, without requiring them to rip and replace existing investments. Transition is inevitable, and as goals change, strategies shift and approaches evolve, so can your solution. The result is greater business agility, accelerated project delivery and real-time collaboration to drive efficiency in a more dynamic way.

As Gartner® put it, “The future of business is composable.”

To learn more about Leankor’s composable and collaborative work and project management solution, schedule a demo today.

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