Enterprise Work Management built on the Salesforce Platform

One of the constant challenges in the business world is productivity. Productivity is moving through projects at a quicker pace so that you can move onto the next one. Improved productivity also improves your relationships with your customers for continued business and a positive reputation that with increasing the amount of business that you receive. Only amazing things can come from an increase in productivity. This is why we at Leankor have created this software to help your business.

This software was built on Salesforce, allowing you to directly link their existing Salesforce customer data to the work management data. Because of this, you’ll get deeper visibility into the each customer at every step, from the sale all the way to their project’s completion. This type of software is exactly what your business needs to be more productive. Enterprise work management solutions are crucial for every business, but you do want to make sure that you choose the best one for your business and your client’s needs. With Leankor’s solution, you’ll love that you can integrate so many aspects of your business into the program.

The Benefits of Enterprise Work Management

Here is a closer look as to why Leankor works for your company. The biggest advantage is the fact that it is built on the trusted Salesforce platform, which offers a higher level of security for users and enterprise scalability. You also get the benefit of real-time visibility, which not only allows you to make decisions quickly but it also shows you what currently needs to be addressed. This can reduce the downtime of waiting for status emails to see how things are coming along. An increase of visibility also will lessen the time that employees have to spend in meetings to update everyone else on how things are going. These meetings can be great, but they often cut into the time that employees could be working on the project instead.

The key reason as to why Leankor is ideal for your businesses is because it will drastically improve the efficiency of your company. There are so many things like meetings and miscommunications that get in the way of completing a project, yet Leankor limits all of this hassle with their software. People from any workflow can collaborate with this program, and you get the flexibility that you need to adjust on the fly. Things can go wrong all of the time during a project, but with real-time visibility, you can adjust quickly and get back on your way to completing your project.

Enterprise Work Management vs. PPM Tools

Traditional Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools are now a thing of the past thanks to the introduction of Enterprise Work Management tools. If you are not entirely sold on why you should make this switch, you should take a closer look at the differences between these two types of software. When you understand these differences, it makes it obvious that it is time for your business to upgrade.

When you are working with traditional PPM tools, you are really limited to only managing the work structure on the major projects that you have. This type of business solution does not really address the day-to-day tasks that need to be done to complete projects. With the Enterprise Work Management system in place, you can manage any work or project that your company has. This type of program covers everything from routine daily tasks to more complex projects as they come up and everything in between.

You will also notice that PPM tools have limited integration, whereas Enterprise Work Management systems have the ability to unify all of your workflows. This can be especially true when you use Leankor, which integrates well with other programs due to its use of Salesforce. What this means for your business is a program like Leankor can track the workflow, offer a central location for all notifications and messages, and display the statuses for all of the projects that you are working on. PPM programs are insufficient when it comes to these things. You are also going to get more visibility with Enterprise Work Management solutions than you will get with traditional PPM programs, giving you a better picture of what is going on and what is left to do in order to complete a project.

Our solutions help you set up realistic expectations for projects, ensuring that your customers are happy with every step of every project you complete for them.

Why Choose Leankor?

Leankor is an amazing software that utilizes the versatile and secure Salesforce.com platform. Your business depends on you having the best software possible to increase your workflow productivity. Time is money, so anything that you can do to improve your productivity is well worth the investment. Leankor is your company’s solution because it has been proven effective in workflow visibility and increased productivity. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and let us show you how we can help your business.