Enterprise Work Management: Where Workstreams & Collaboration Meet

Next-Generation Enterprise Work and Project Management: Where Workstreams and Real-Time Collaboration Meet


With the state of tomorrow’s enterprise workplace still uncertain, managing distributed teams remains a critical component of today’s work productivity (and profitability) challenge. Communication through applications like Slack and Teams has been a lifeline for many large enterprise organizations operating in a distanced-as-default environment. But standalone information sharing through real-time conversations is an incomplete solution to a monumental challenge.

Amid unprecedented global disruption requiring constant adaptation, shrinking margins and efficiency squeezes, enterprises need real-time collaboration integrated into sophisticated work and project management solutions to deliver profitable projects on time.

Powerful Collaboration Integrations Available Now

The answer to today’s productivity challenge is an extendable solution where workstreams are connected to real-time collaboration through sophisticated work and project management solutions like Leankor. Leankor provides next-generation collaboration by combining Slack’s real-time chatbot with transformative work and project planning. This integration drives organization-wide performance improvement by enabling enterprise teams to quickly access and share project updates.

Combined with conversation solutions like Slack and Teams, an enterprise work and project management platform empowers teams to do their best work by providing a collaboration hub and real-time views into work across projects, departments, divisions and business units. Fully integrated, it becomes an uber orchestrator of projects, interconnected resources and integrated work across organizations. This collaborative work management allows for flexibility and scalability when the unexpected happens.

When integrated with enterprise work and project management solutions, the enhanced security and permissions configurations of Slack and Teams channels also enable extended support for collaboration beyond internal groups to include partners, contractors and even customers.

For optimal efficiency, organizations operate with a variety of work methodologies and use hybrid approaches across projects and departments. In the past, the lack of adaptable solutions has created collaboration challenges. Today, industry-leading enterprise work management solutions allows multiple methodologies to co-exist, including Kanban, Lean, Agile, Gantt, Waterfall, hybrid, pull-planning and others, adapting and translating for streamlined project and risk management. All methods can be interconnected and unified in a virtual platform to communicate with ease, making progress seamless and collaboration unmatched.

This ensures organization-wide alignment when people are socially distanced in home offices or in clusters of teams in regional satellite locations. It means teams work the way they want from a single system while increasing enterprise efficiency, control and velocity.


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Next-Generation Solutions Powered by AI Is What’ Next

Next-generation solutions will go even further when medium- and long-term project planning is integrated with real-time collaboration plus AI-powered chatbots. Through machine learning, valuable meta data from ad hoc conversations can be collected and used to track handoffs and uncover missed deadlines for risk analysis mid-project. When displayed on interactive and customized dashboards, this extended functionality enables project managers to more quickly identify and address threats to project delivery affecting revenue recognition and bottom-line profit.

Other use cases include:

  • For resource management, data gleaned from real-time conversations can provide insight into key milestones and, more importantly, recommendations for resource prioritization and allocation, scheduling and capacity planning.
  • For large enterprise organizations that use standard work templates for product launches or complex, large-scale projects, AI integration with enterprise project and work management could automatically offer users the correct templates, saving time and ensuring consistency and increased efficiency.

Start Today

Today’s enterprise organizations need more than standalone, real-time collaboration. Leankor’s extensive enterprise work and project management solution is connecting workstreams and real-time collaboration to breaking through the limits of work productivity. It brings people, processes and technology together to drive efficiency that empowers teams to do their best work, keeps stakeholders informed and accelerates delivery. The result is greater profitability across projects and elevated work enterprise-wide. Collaborative work management is how enterprise work gets done today, tomorrow and beyond, with Leankor innovation leading the way.

To manage your enterprise’s work to profitability through next-generation collaboration, request a Leankor consultation and demo. Call 888-532-6567 or send us an email. You can also watch our instructional video to learn more now.