The Top Blogs Every Manager Should Be Reading

As a leader in your organization, we know you’re unbelievably busy. Between juggling projects, managing deadlines and maintaining the productivity of your team, it just seems as though there’s never enough time in a day (or in a week, for that matter).

And part of the task of every lean leader and organized manager is to attempt to stay on top of all the latest info out there that could boost your organization’s bottom line. The advent of the Internet, and the wealth of information that saturates it, makes that an almost-impossible task.

Luckily, through our own research, we’ve rounded up a handful of consistently helpful blogs that can keep you on your game without worrying about constantly scouring the web for the latest info.

Seth Godin’s blog

This renowned writer, speaker and entrepreneur is synonymous with great managerial and business advice. With a string of business successes (including Yoyodyne and Squidoo) and several best-selling books under his belt, it’s no wonder Godin has an ever-growing following.

And Seth Godin’s stripped-down, stream-of-consciousness blog offers up bite-sized nuggets  that are helpful for business leaders, regardless of their industry. With daily posts that generally clock in at 300 words or less, they’re fantastic tidbits for business leaders constantly on the go.

One quick read of Godin’s whimsical observations and tips will have you hooked.

Harvard Business Review

While this should go without saying, we’re adamantly saying it: no managerial reading list should lack HBR’s digital edition. As a matter of fact, we say that this should be one of your top reads on a regular basis.

With excellently written analysis pieces, guests posts from top experts and a steady stream of intelligent (and not-so-obvious) tips and tricks for the modern manager, HBR is a fantastic resource to call upon.

The Management Blog

In the same vein as HBR, Bloomberg Businessweek’s The Management Blog is dedicated to tackling issues managers face on a daily basis (as the name might betray).

Late-breaking international and business news is told here with a managerial slant. And mixed in with their hard-core advice are more playful, infotainment-type posts (i.e. “Four Exercises That Will Make You a Better Leader”).

LinkedIn Pulse

As a modern professional, you’re likely plugged into LinkedIn with either a personal profile (or at least one for your organization). One of the social platforms latest innovations is LinkedIn Pulse, a carefully curated feed of posts the network suggests based on your industry, interests and saved preferences.

The real perk here is that you no longer have to wade through a cluttered feed of posts from connections and professionals you follow on this growing social platform. With a regularly refreshed list of articles tailored to your needs, why go anywhere else for info?