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Digital Transformation, Business Continuity and Revenue Recognition

Digital Transformation, Business Continuity and Revenue Recognition. How Real-time Workflows Across Your Enterprise and Teams Can Improve Your Bottom-Line.   When COVID-19 knocked on the foundations of many industrial organizations, some companies realized that working remotely did not affect how their employees worked day to day, while others have faced a new business changing reality—a […]

Make Sure Everyone Knows About Your Project

Make Sure Everyone Knows About Your Project

The project manager wanting to run his project on the radar as much as possible? What kind of thinking is this? Why would any PM want to do that? Project managers often live in obscurity for years. Accolades go to the team, not often to the project manager. Blame maybe, but usually not big rewards. […]

15 Best Practices to Keep Your Project on the Right Path

15 Best Practices to Keep Your Project on the Right Path

Project management best practices. What does that even mean? Is it objective, subjective or somewhere in the middle? Is there a real list somewhere or is it just everyone’s interpretation of what works well logically or what works well for them? I think it basically comes down to what works well logically and for each […]

Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding Process Coupled With Project Management

Client onboarding is the process of introducing new clients to your firm in an effective and organized way. The process commences at order placement and continues up to three months or so depending on the complexity of the product. Effectively onboarding customers have substantially high retention rate, high cross-sell rate and low cost to serve […]

Is a SaaS Project Management Solution Right For You

Is a SaaS Project Management Solution Right For You?

Project management software has been around for years and has helped many companies keep their projects running smoothly and on time. But hosting Microsoft Project Management Software on a local server is old school. Using a SaaS project management solution in the cloud is far more effective in a number of different ways. Software as […]

What is the difference between pm and ppm

What is the difference between project management and project portfolio management?

Intro to PM and PPM: No matter how capable your team, an enterprise lives or dies on the quality of its organization. A team of top-notch coders works no better than a group of neophytes if none of the team members are on the same page. Of course, once a company makes its first successful splash, […]

Why simple To Do Lists can Hinder Projects

Why Simple To Do Lists Hinder Projects

Creating “Simple To Do” lists seem to be the thing to do when business people are trying to organize their day. We all know how handy the “Simple to do” list can be when we are organizing what we think is important to achieve for the day. Business owners must always be looking for the […]

What Does Enterprise Project Management Mean

What Does Enterprise Project Management Mean?

In this day and age, more and more businesses are doing the majority of their work online. This means that they’ve shifted to digital resources above paper resources. With more businesses going paperless, it’s important to understand how to organize and collaborate effectively through digital media. Enterprise project management is a field of organizational development […]

What is Resource Management

What is Resource Management?

The best definition of resource management is that it is the processes, people and equipment that are being deployed in an efficient manner when they are needed. Businesses large and small need to be able to manage their resources effectively in order to succeed. Ineffective planning and scheduling of resources can cause major problems. Utilizing […]