Why Simple To Do Lists Hinder Projects

Creating “Simple To Do” lists seem to be the thing to do when business people are trying to organize their day. We all know how handy the “Simple to do” list can be when we are organizing what we think is important to achieve for the day. Business owners must always be looking for the kind of tools that help them achieve their goals.

There are also many different “to do” apps that business managers can download on either the iOS or Android (Google Play) platform that will help them to organize their day and focus on what they want to get done for the day. You can even customize this to operate with your Google calendar so that you can also schedule when you have appointments and other important events so that you will not forget it.

But “To Do” lists can be a problem sometimes.

When a business is project-focused, there is a need to organize the project into bits and pieces so that managers will be able to get it done in a reasonable amount of time so that they can stay on schedule and achieve their goals.

The problem with the “To Do” list is that creating a simple “To Do” list to accomplish all of the tasks that you need to achieve can be quite extensive. In fact, if you were actually to write down the entire list of tasks that you need to complete before you can say that you have finished with a particular project, it would be a list so long that you would not know where to start.

Why is this?

You may wonder why this is. But it’s easy to understand when you think about the fact that the average project has some specific tasks that you have to accomplish before you can complete the project.

Mobile Apps

The app, “Trello,” attempts to offer a digital tool that helps you organize your tasks into your projects. It can be an effective tool on a smaller scale. But sometimes you need a more robust solution for your organizational system.

You can’t expect to run a corporation or even a mid-sized company with multiple projects on a mobile phone or device.

What’s wrong with a “to do” list?

If you are a work-at-home writer or entrepreneur, a simple “To Do” list may be okay to keep you on track and help you manage your day-to-day tasks. But for a company or business that has a multiplicity of high-level projects, you require a more complete and sophisticated solution.

The Function of the Classic “To Do” List

When it comes down to it, a simple “To Do” list only serves one purpose. It helps you know what you want to get done for the day. Most experts say that you should only plan on achieving about six major tasks on an average business day. This is because there are so many other things that you are required to get done during a day. Getting to it all is impossible.

The 7-Minute Life: A Simple Solution

Alyson Lewis, an Arkansas native who developed a company who focuses on this idea called, “The Seven Minute Life,” attempts to help people to organize their projects rather than their “To Do” lists. She agrees that the “To Do” list is simply a plan for the tasks that you want to accomplish for the day. But a project is much, much larger!

In her solution, she sells organizational notebooks that have various areas where you can put your plans and projects, then break down the project into smaller parts. Then she recommends that a business owner decides on a series of 5 things that you can achieve before 11 a.m. This keeps you focused on the most important tasks for the day while avoiding putting in all of the parts of a project on the “To Do” list.

The “7 Minute Life” might be fine for an independent business owner or consultant, or someone who only has a limited number of projects that they need to organize. But if you are the owner of a large corporation or even a middle-sized business, you need a more robust solution. That’s when we start looking at SaaS products.

Why SaaS?

Most businesses realize, over time, that the most important thing they have is their SaaS solution. This is a robust, unique software system that is designed especially for their company. It is custom-made based on the needs of your company. It serves as a complete system that helps keep you on track with your goals while managing every aspect of your business.

The Essence of Project Management

So what is project management? It is defined in the Business Dictionary as a means to organize, plan, and execute a project or project goals so that the result is achieved in the manner you choose as the project manager.

Big projects require big solutions. When you start a new project, whether it be a media project, a building or construction project or any other type of project, organization, and execution is the key.

To organize such a project, you need to take into account all of the various aspects involved such as:
-Who will be involved (workflow)
-What contracts will be involved?
-What kind of marketing will be needed?
-What type of technology will be utilized to carry it out?

Operations Management

One of the most important aspects of project management is the operation of the project. The smooth operation of your project depends on some factors including the way your workforce works together and collaborates. It’s important to know that your operations will go smoothly using the right tools that will maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Marketing Management

When it comes to marketing your product or service, marketing cannot be over emphasized. By having a custom-created solution for your marketing plan, you will know that you will always have everything in place that will show your business and your project in the best way that will appeal to your target audience.

Project Management Team

Managing your project sometimes involves some factors. It may also include some people who are all collaborating to make your project a reality. Doing this with “pen and paper” is extremely difficult. The more advanced your project is, the less likely it is that you will be able to put it down on paper and expect it to work together.

IT Project Management

Technology is an integral part of your project management process. Only with a custom SaaS system are you able to designate various technologies to different aspects of your project so that it works seamlessly together. There are so many various types of IT solutions available today when it comes to planning and implementing your projects for the business. So the first step in finding the best project management solution is to set your goals and then seek out the IT solutions that best match your project goals.

Using Software to Manage Your Projects

When you have outlined your project goals, you will want to find the best software to help with your project management. Many business owners decide to choose individual premade software that handles specific tasks. There are software solutions for inventory, workflow, attendance, and many other tasks. But the problem with already boxed software solutions is that it can never adapt to the changes that you may need within your projects or business.

Once you purchase a boxed software, you cannot get additional help to expand your options like you can with a SaaS solution. Boxed software literally “boxes you in” when it comes to software solutions.

Advantages of a SaaS Solution

A SaaS (software as a service) solution may be the answer for large project management tasks that require an integrated approach, high levels of technology, and multiple staff. Without a customized solution, you may run into real problems in managing your project.

There are several advantages of a SaaS software solution:

  • Complete customizability– An SaaS product is more than a product that you buy out of a box. In fact, you don’t buy it out of a box at all. That’s why you can customize it to meet your needs and to grow as your business does.
  • Service after the sale– Customized software includes the people you get to work on your project. They can help you fine-tune your product after the sale and offer you support that you would not have with a traditional boxed software product.
  • Guaranteed expert product– With specialized software engineers and consultants, you are always guaranteed the best product possible that meets the needs of your business and your customers.
  • Connect all of your work tasks in one place– If you need an all-in-one solution that changes as you need it to, you will benefit from a customized software solution. They can adapt your product to your needs.
  • Other options per your request– SaaS solutions don’t stop with the product they create for you or your company. Depending on the solution you choose, the programmers can add other options or change your platform as the need arises.
    This makes it a truly flexible program that can evolve with your business.

The Importance of Organization

However you manage your day, managing projects is a bit more diverse. It is a complicated process that attempts to replace chaos with a sense of order that allows you to be flexible but concrete on your goals. Some people think that being organized with your projects will somehow stifle your creativity. But even the most creative minds understand that without organization, you cannot create a viable product.

Project management is ultimately the most important thing you do once you have decided what you are going to achieve within the project itself. Without proper management of the project, there is no way to move your idea from concept to marketable product.

Some people try to just use a traditional management system of some sort in the hopes that they will be able to create the kind of system they need to create their project. But this is usually insufficient to maintaining the type of order and consistency that you need to keep moving forward.

Why Traditional Solutions Don’t Work

The old paper and pen “to do” list are fine for a few tasks that you want to focus on for the day, and they can be a part of project management. But, for the more inclusive, broader plans, you need an integrated approach that utilizes the best of technology and manpower to get you where you need to go.

Breaking down your project into smaller parts is the first step. Then you will want to look into a real solution for your organizational needs.

What to Look for in a SaaS Solution

When you do decide on a solution, make sure it includes the following points:

  • Expert, professional attention to your project needs– When you choose a SaaS solution for your project or business, make sure that you are getting the best possible professional experts that will focus on your project to the fullest to its completion. It is important to choose a software company that doesn’t look at things in one way but can adapt and be flexible to your needs and grow with your business.
  • Customization to your work environment and business goals– The whole idea of getting a software service is that it is customizable to your business or project needs. If you didn’t need such customization, you would be fine with an out-of-box software product. But when you are running a business and need project management help, you need to make sure that your solution is fully customizable to your project goals. The best software companies realize that they may start with one product, but they may have to change and adapt it later to fit the needs of their customers. Maintaining this kind of flexibility helps you to be open to change as needed as your business, project, or customer demands change.
  • 24/7 help when you need it– No matter how good a SaaS product is, there are bound to be questions that you need to be answered at various times of the day or night. It’s great when you can find a company that understands the need for service after the sale and is willing and ready to help you when you need it.
  • Collaboration with various services– A strong SaaS company knows that there is a need to utilize any tools that are needed to achieve your goals as a company with each project that you do. Also, every project is inherently different and requires a variety of different resources. Choose a solution that has a deep understanding of the importance of flexibility and resource management. This will ensure that you have everything you need when you are managing your projects.
  • Reasonable pricing– Of course, pricing is a factor in anything you do as a business manager or business owner. Shop around and see what the costs are but remember great ROI (return on investment) is a result of spending your money in the right places to get the most value back from it. It does not necessarily mean that you will always choose the cheapest product. The importance is in getting the most features for your money. So be sure to check the list of features before deciding on a SaaS solution.

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