Managing Cross Country Work with EWMS

For telecoms, managing work across numerous time zones is par for the course.  The rapid expansion of new technologies and potential revenue streams means that cross country workflows are complex.  In larger companies, work silos can start to form which break down the efficiencies necessary to keep a telecom profitable.  Enterprise Work Management Solutions (EWMS) are well suited to assist telecoms with this challenge.

Cross country project management

Team collaboration is vital for telcos with cross country operations. Team members, wherever they are, need to be able to access information for project tasks and be able to see where their work fits into the larger goals and workflow. When communication is limited to emails and phone calls, vital information that needs to be available to the entire team gets lost.  With an EWMS, notes can be placed in the project where they are accessible and not remain hidden in emails.  Information is in one place and it can be searched for there. If one team member is not around for a day, that information is still available to the team.

If one team works in the day, across the world its night for another team, work is automatically updated in the software, so the next day, the team starting can pick up and carry on with that project. There is no delay and time lost with setting up team meeting conference calls across time zones.  Updates are ongoing and available to the teams anytime. When a company has its teams working on a number of different projects simultaneously, keeping track of where each team member is at with each project is vital for managing resources and the project deadlines. For project managers, EWMS fosters collaboration and efficiencies that assist their teams to achieve timely completion of tasks.

Cross country customer satisfaction

One of the challenges facing telcos is the need to increase the average revenue per user (ARPU). Customers are demanding cutting edge solutions, and this places pressure on telcos to develop those new technologies, applications and service packages to create additional revenue sources. Having internal teams collaborating smoothly across time zones and country borders is vital for a telecom to be positioned to deliver those innovations faster and more efficiently.

For telcos, coordinated cross department communication is crucial for customer service. Because telcos have hundreds of CSRs responding to customers with technical issues every day, coordination and communication between technicians and CSRs is vital. EWMS software facilitates that cross-department collaboration and tracks the technical work and engagement with the customer to completion. An EWMS management solution can provide a streamlined process for achieving customer satisfaction quicker.

For telecommunication companies, future opportunities should not be squandered by work flow issues. In the highly competitive telecom industry, early adoption and adaptation of new technologies requires excellent internal team communication and collaboration. For telecoms. serving customers through technology and networks is only as good as the company’s internal networking of its employees, their projects and their workflow.  An EWMS can enable a telco to get to a much higher level of customer service and to stay ahead of the innovation curve.