Lean Culture

Agile Lean Manufacturing Production Line

Why Agile Methodology might be right for your manufacturing company.

Why Agile Methodology might be right for your manufacturing company Product development and management for manufacturing companies has, historically, been a simple case of you take what you can get. Operations support technologies to maintain networks between the various working parts in the a manufacturing product making it to a customer simply was not there. Various […]

3 Ways Visual Productivity Improves Workflow

Humans are visual creatures by nature. Just how visual? Research from 3M Corporation shows that 90 per cent of the sensory information sent to the brain is visual. And the tiny, firing neurons that make up much of our brain tell the same story — the neurons responsible for our visual perception make up a […]

Do You Have These 5 Essential Qualities of Lean Leaders?

Lean leadership is an idea that the primary principles of lean management can be incorporated into an effective leadership style for use across any industry. Weaving lead leadership into the fabric of a corporate culture can help with continuous improvement — i.e. progressive steps to streamlining workflows and focusing only on processes that add value […]

Productivity Tip #3: Examine Your Vendor List

When it comes to trimming down waste in a business, one area managers often look to first is their supplier list. Lean leaders can often boost a business’s bottom line simply by re-examining vendor contracts. It’s a good practice to revisit agreements written more than a couple of years ago anyway, but doing some research […]

Digital Whiteboard

White Boards – When Good Ideas Fall Short

In the last couple of decades, the whiteboard has become a ubiquitous corporate office tool. Also known as dry erase boards, they rose to an almost cult status in the 1990s and have now become permanent fixtures in many corporate boardrooms and meeting rooms. In the past, whiteboards have proven to be useful tools when […]

Lean Into It

And so there I sat, mouth agape, as my customer and construction industry veteran Bill Black explained, “The commercial real estate construction process is broken and mired in waste. Seventy percent of all projects end over budget and late, while up to fifty percent of the construction process is consumed in non-value add work consisting […]