Top 15 Project Management Blogs 2016

OK, we all know the holidays are almost upon us and there will be some time where you need to get away from the family, in-laws or that ugly Christmas sweater contest. So we thought we would get you a list of some of the project management gurus, blogs that are just well known and some you might not know about yet but have some great information. These 15 project management blogs focus on a wide range of topics from day to day productivity, project management methodologies, advanced tactics and some humor thrown in, but they are worth a browse and add as a bookmark at the very least.

Btw, they are in no particular order since they are all great, so enjoy our top 15 project management blogs of 2016

Project Management Hut

Besides regularly publishing informative articles, Project Management Hut also features what they’ve termed as “huts”: collections of articles focusing on various aspects of project management.

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

This blog is managed by Elizabeth Harrin offering not only opinions and suggestions about project management but also tool reviews, free eBooks for managing your projects and much more. This is an incredible resource for all project managers.

Drunken PM

This blog and podcast is hosted by J. David Prior, a certified Scrum trainer. His posts are deeply informed and the many interviews he has done are no-nonsense dives into personal Kanban, the importance of estimates and the challenges of moving from traditional project management to Scum master.

Ricardo Vargas Blog

Here we go a little bit in depth. Ricardo Vargas is a Guru of Project management and in his blog you will find not only posts but also videos, podcasts, presentations. He is a specialist, he is the author of fourteen books of project management which have sold over 300,000 copies throughout the world.

Easy in theory, difficult in practice

The title of Kiron Bondale’s blog relates to much project management. It offers, as he says, “thoughts on project portfolio and change management challenges.” Bondale has managed multiple mid-to-large sized changed management projects, and has worked in both internal and professional services project management capacities. He has set up Project Management Offices (PMO) and knows portfolio management. He writes about everything from Agile to contingency.

The Lazy Project Manager

This is actually a podcast by Peter Taylor and let us say it something that you have to listen to. He is also a Project management speaker and an avid blogger . His mantra is “work smarter and not harder” which is one of our favourites that we use here at Leankor.

Sensible PM

The blog is run by Mark Phillipy, whose 15 years of project management experience is in the IT sector, software development and implementation. He is well versed in both traditional methodologies and newer ones, such as Agile. His writing addresses both the seasoned vet in the industry and the newcomer or “accidental project manager.” Blog

Written by a group of project managers giving tons of advice about project management. This is a website dedicated to providing useful tools, latest news, and best practice references for every project professional and business organization.

PM Tips

This is more than a simple blog, here you have a collection of tips guiding you through the hard life of a pm, a very hard life ???? and if you think you have something to say too, you can even became a contributor. We love this because it deals with real problem of real pm life.

Herding Cats

And here we came with another guru: Glen B. Alleman , we follow him since our beginning, his blog is focused on increasing the probability to having success with your activity. If you’re seriously interested in a scientific approach to managing projects, you can’t miss this blog.

Brad Egeland

The independent consultant to the IT and services sector, based in Las Vegas, Egeland works with software and business services. He knows marketing and project management, with a strong base in leadership. The articles he publishes on his blog run the gamut from making meetings more efficient to working remotely and dealing with stress on a project.

PMI offers a big tent in which most of the industries best voices are collected and share their wealth of information and experience. The volume of content is enough to lose yourself on the site for days. Make sure you’ve got a comfortable chair and learn more about why certification matters, how to manage for uncertainty and ways to motivate your team.

Project News Today

Barry Hodge is a portfolio, program and project manager who specializes in establishing and growing project management in companies that have little to no framework for such discipline. He’s a coach and a mentor, which informs the blog’s mission of providing useful resources for fellow project managers and those who are leading projects.

Ron Rosenhead

Rosenhead has been involved with project management for 15 years. He is primarily known as a trainer, consultant and coach, with his blog as a receptacle for ideas that come up related to his working relationship with individuals and organizations. Those topics include benefits management, strategy, project sponsor, risk management and shareholder management.

Henny Portman’s Blog

As the subhead states, this is a place to read about “portfolio, program and project management.” Being a PMO expert puts Portman at the forefront of the discussion and makes his services as a trainer valuable throughout Europe and Asia. He’s also a well-known author in the industry. The site is a good window into his views, opinions and beliefs in the business.

We hope you can find a blog, article or other that will help you along your journeys and if you have a website that you would like us to add to this list of Top Project Management Blogs, please let us know.  You can always go over to our blog as well at to read some interesting and useful posts.