Leankor + Salesforce = The Ultimate Formula for Success

Leankor + Salesforce = The Ultimate Formula for Success

Like most early-stage tech companies, Leankor needs to gain an edge on competitors while delivering break-through value propositions to its customers — the sooner we achieve these goals, the better.  After extensive benchmarking and research, CEO & Founder, Emilio Bernabei came to the conclusion partnering with Salesforce was the only logical choice.  Leankor had a […]

Salesforce World Tour Leankor Panel

Leankor CEO Speaks at Salesforce World Tour Partner Panel

Salesforce had a World Tour Event in Toronto on April 20th, 2017.  On April 19th, they also hosted a partner event that included a panel event that our CEO, Emilio Bernabei was asked to participate along with Kelly Krumreich-Benny from Coveo.  This event was hosted by Hana Mandapat, from the Salesforce ISV Partner team. Both of these […]

Helping Calgary Entrepreneurs

Giving back to other Entrepreneurs in Calgary

  At Leankor we have a culture of community and helping, inside as well as outside of our organization.  We understand how hard it is to manage a successful business let alone one in the SaaS world.  With that in mind, Emilio Bernabei, CEO & Founder of Leankor sat down with a few other CEO […]

Lean Into It

And so there I sat, mouth agape, as my customer and construction industry veteran Bill Black explained, “The commercial real estate construction process is broken and mired in waste. Seventy percent of all projects end over budget and late, while up to fifty percent of the construction process is consumed in non-value add work consisting […]