Leankor and Salesforce Integrate to Create an Optimal Work and Project Management Solution

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Leankor Leverages the Power and Security of Salesforce

Salesforce is world-renowned for its ability to change the way organizations do business. Recognized as the platform as a service (PaaS) market leader, Salesforce digitally interconnects everything a company needs for a complete 360 customer-centric view.

Natively built on the highly trusted and secure Salesforce platform, Leankor allows organizations to expand their use of powerful Salesforce applications creating enterprise functionality and an unmatched work and project management solution. 

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Expand Project Possibilities with the Vast Capabilities of Leankor and the Robust Innovation of Salesforce

Leankor allows organizations to expand their use of powerful Salesforce applications creating enterprise functionality and an unmatched work and project management solution. These extended integrations allow for real-time collaboration and connection, accurate and up-to-date data, powerful applications for analytics and the flexibility to easily scale and to work from anywhere, at any time.



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Gain an Enterprise Level View 

Achieve a comprehensive 360 view into all projects across portfolios. Leankor allows stakeholders to gain complete transparency and accountability when projects are rolled-up into one master view for mission-critical decision-making and strategy.

Insightful Financial and Cost Management

Manage budgets, costs, cash flows and margins with a comprehensive view. Leankor provides the same 360 detailed and precise insight into all financials from order to delivery, allowing users to access and assess reliable financial information at any time.



Adaptable Methodologies

Interconnect work methodologies for seamless workflows. Leankor adapts and translates work styles and project methodologies for enhanced efficiency.

Seamless Remote Working

Benefit from the ability to work no matter where teams are located. Leankor uses Salesforce Mobile to support the modern, remote workforce.


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Accurate Resource Management

Ensure reliable resources visibility and management. Leankor’s dynamic resource management capabilities give transparency, clarity and visibility into planning and scaling projects.

Dependable Order Control

Fulfill customer order requirements with ease. Leankor helps you rapidly scale orders through end-to-end visibility and analytics on resources, inventory, shipments, supply and financials.


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Dynamic Personalized Dashboards

Access a personalized dashboard. Leankor’s “My Work” provides users a simple and effective way of managing work in their queue.

Intuitive and Visual User Interface

Utilize one of the most visual interfaces in work and project management. Leankor is designed for users of all technical capabilities but has been developed to handle the most advanced projects.


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Interconnected Work Management

Link internal and external teams for full transparency into project strategy and plans. Leankor allows all users to hold virtual discussions, brainstorm and solve challenges.

Detailed Document Management

Sync and share all files and records in one place. With Leankor, organizations can eliminate use of disconnected spreadsheets, mitigating the risks of working with incorrect data.


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Reliable Risk Surveillance

Identify any and all missing elements in data and plans. Leankor’s real-time data visibility provides viable information to identify and analyze potential risks in projects.

Optimized Reporting and Analytics

Enhance project visibility to drive unmatched results. Leankor help users understand the value of their data through robust reporting and dashboards.


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Accelerated Delivery Cycles

Attain faster customer deliveries every time through real-time, proactive management. Leankor helps decrease project timelines and creates more stable projects that result in consistent on-time delivery and faster revenue recognition.

Rapid Revenue Recognition

Ensure projects stay on track to deliver on-time, assuring customer satisfaction and improved experiences. Leankor optimizes your order to cash value streams by keeping on budget and accelerating deliveries for faster revenue recognition and customer retention.

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