Enterprise Work Management
Plus The Worlds Best CRM

Leankor is built on the Salesforce Cloud Platform,
which allows businesses to have one single source of truth
for all of their customer sales and project delivery data.

All core project delivery tools in one powerful solution.

Integrating many different business tools can be costly and time-consuming. By leveraging Leankor and Salesforce, you can seamlessly connect your leading applications in one place.  We combine the best CRM technology with a vast array of work management modules that allow your entire business to finally work together to accomplish the most important customer-centric activities in your company.

Maintain agility, even as you scale

Because Leankor is built on Salesforce, you can grow with confidence, knowing the Salesforce platform can handle your expanding business needs. Administrate with clicks not code makes it easy to adapt to change.

Strategic Salesforce Partner

We ensure all critical business needs are met with our single solution.

There are some common challenges that every enterprise-class company struggles with as they try to remain competitive.  Our solution provides simple answers to the most common challenges that executives face in today’s technology-heavy work environment. Our customer-centric Enterprise Work Management solution has been developed to target and remove these struggles before they hinder your company from reaching its full potential.

Leankor Collaboration Platform


Customer Centric Data

Remove all of your data silos and put your customer at the forefront of your project delivery to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.


Flexibility At All Levels

Utilize a flexible & adaptable solution that accommodates all business user to ensure that your teams work together to drive efficiency and increase project capacity.


Successful Planning

Remove all roadblocks from your entire customer delivery process with visibility into all aspects of the customer journey from business development to project completion.



Gain peace of mind that your critical business information is secure on the world’s most scalable, secure and reliable enterprise cloud platform.

Features & Benefits

The perfect solution that helps you run your business the right way.

Allow your employees to work in a task list that only shows what is relevant to the work that they are assigned.

Leankor My Work

Our flexible Kanban project boards will allow all of your teams to work in a methodology that fits their work management style.

Leankor Kanban Project Board

The Plan Gantt is not only packed with features but also facilitates our innovative hybrid, allowing Kanban cards to be links to activities.

Leankor Plan Gantt

Gain true visibility into your entire project portfolio which allows critical business decisions to be made faster and more accurately.

Leankor Project Portfolio Management

Remove all doubt around having overloaded or under utilized resources across teams, departments and projects.

Leankor Resource Management

Leankor is perfect for companies using Salesforce.

The staff at Leankor are experts in Work Management and that is why we know that tying your sales data to your operational data is a better way to manage your customer delivery process.

Our goal is to enable companies with the ability to optimize their entire customer sales and project delivery cycle. By leveraging their existing Salesforce data and combining that with our robust toolset of work management modules, companies can begin to optimize aspects of their business process that was otherwise impossible until now.

By providing a solution that achieves this goal, we feel that companies can finally break free of outdated business and project management tactics and into the New World of Work Management.

We want every company that uses Salesforce to know that the best way to manage work is for their whole company to do it together.

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Take charge of your business with enterprise work management software that drives real results.