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Staying Competitive 5 Strategies for Engineer-to-Order Manufacturers 2

Staying Competitive: 5 Strategies for Engineer-to-Order Manufacturers

  If you run an engineering to order company, then you know how important it is to maintain standards and meet client expectations consistently. At the same time, you have to take on as large a workload as possible to maintain throughput and revenue. It can be hard to maintain a competitive edge while balancing […]

The Best 15 Project Management Blogs of 2016

Top 15 Project Management Blogs 2016

OK, we all know the holidays are almost upon us and there will be some time where you need to get away from the family, in-laws or that ugly Christmas sweater contest. So we thought we would get you a list of some of the project management gurus, blogs that are just well known and […]

6 ways to improve your project management team

6 Keys to Improving the Efficiency of Your Project Management Team

Project management is always evolving and depending on the field you’re in, varies vastly from one company to the next. That said, just about every project manager across the board is always looking for new ways to increase their Project Management Team’s efficiency. If this sounds familiar, here are a few tips that will put […]

Project Managers Superpower is Gantt Charts

A Project Managers Superpower is…Gantt Charts

Before you start tackling a new work project, you need to get an overview. This includes the project’s requirements as well as who needs to be involved. A Gantt Chart can function as the first step of your planning process. Once you have a timeline for your project, you can use your Gantt Chart to […]

Kanban for Manufacturing Firms

Kanban for Manufacturing Firms: A New System That Speeds up Work Flow for Clients

How the Kanban System Improves the Work Flow in Various Manufacturing Firms When you utilize Kanban for manufacturing on their production lines, they can align their inventory levels with the consumer’s requirements. While communicating in the factory and ordering more products from the inventory, the workers can pass a card between the various teams. Nowadays […]

What Departments Use Kanban Boards

What Departments can use Kanban Boards

Kanban boards can improve the processes of any department in a business What Departments Can Use Kanban Boards A Kanban board can help to optimize workflow at every level of a business. It is not just ideal for one department or another. In fact, many departments within a single business can benefit from a Kanban […]

8 important things you never knew about resource allocation

8 important things you never knew about resource allocation

If you work in business, then you’re more than likely familiar with the extraordinary value of proper resource allocation techniques. Strong relocation allocation can do wonders for professionals who work as project managers. It can do wonders for people who work in the field of management in general. If you’re working on a major project […]

5 Common Misconceptions about Project Portfolio Management

5 Common Misconceptions About Project Portfolio Management

There may be some questions about what Portfolio Management means. Even some business leaders use the term interchangeably with similar phrases like Strategic PM or an approach to projects in general. Project Portfolio Management is different. Managing projects concerns meeting budget, schedules, and defined criteria on a per-project basis. Project Portfolio Management has the purpose […]

Engineering Manufacturing

Streamline your manufacturing operations in 3 easy steps

Streamlining the manufacturing process requires reducing complexity. This is not an easy task; success involves strategic analysis, planning, and implementation. Efforts to simplify operations should be orchestrated for reduction of complexity without sacrificing performance or compromising customer requirements. The most profitable ETO companies generally follow three fundamental steps in approaching new projects in order to […]