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Embracing Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Companies

There are many challenges facing today’s manufacturing companies. When it comes to successfully delivering on time and on budget to their customers, this is especially evident. Find out how digital transformation can help manufacturing companies achieve better results.

Managing Work Across Multiple Locations with EWMS

Managing Cross Country Work with EWMS

For telecoms, managing work across numerous time zones is par for the course.  The rapid expansion of new technologies and potential revenue streams means that cross country workflows are complex.  In larger companies, work silos can start to form which break down the efficiencies necessary to keep a telecom profitable.  Enterprise Work Management Solutions (EWMS) […]

Does it Pay to be Transparent

Does it Pay to be Transparent?

Full disclosure.  Complete transparency.  Effective and efficient collaboration with team and customer throughout the project.  That third one sounds about right.  But what about the first two?  Full disclosure on everything to the team and customer?  Team… probably without a doubt.  To the customer… yes, but sometimes in due time depending on the issue.  Complete […]

Breaking Down Silo

Breaking Down Silos with Enterprise Work Management Solutions

Productivity, sharing, efficiency, best practices, continuous improvement, effective task management. We’ve heard all the terms. We’ve been empowered time and time again to imagine, make, incorporate, and implement better ways to do things. Sometimes they stick. Sometimes they are just the latest flavor of the month that some C-level thought up and decided to promote… […]

Make Sure Everyone Knows About Your Project

Make Sure Everyone Knows About Your Project

The project manager wanting to run his project on the radar as much as possible? What kind of thinking is this? Why would any PM want to do that? Project managers often live in obscurity for years. Accolades go to the team, not often to the project manager. Blame maybe, but usually not big rewards. […]

15 Best Practices to Keep Your Project on the Right Path

15 Best Practices to Keep Your Project on the Right Path

Project management best practices. What does that even mean? Is it objective, subjective or somewhere in the middle? Is there a real list somewhere or is it just everyone’s interpretation of what works well logically or what works well for them? I think it basically comes down to what works well logically and for each […]

Why Proper Portfolio Management must be used for Success

Why Proper Portfolio Management must be used for Success

Portfolio Project Management, or PPM for short, is the technique of analyzing costs, strategies, and risks involved in company affairs. Managing and overseeing projects properly allows business to slowly expand and improve their strategies, as analysis shows what is essential and what you can get rid of. Medium-to-large-sized companies must utilize multiple methods and thorough […]

4 steps to right sizing the project team

4 Steps to Right Sizing the Project Team

Right-sizing. I love that fun, ugly term that originated in the late 80’s that executives started using instead of firing people. “We aren’t firing, we are right sizing.” Sure, that sounds better and more forward thinking to everyone except the 4% of the company you just let go unexpectedly because you didn’t meet last quarter’s […]

4 Steps to Project Team Building and Team Member Loyalty

4 Steps to Project Team Building and Team Member Loyalty

When you are the project manager trying to get as much following and high performance and cooperation from your project team as possible, you know it can sometimes be those little things that count the most. You can ask or demand respect and loyalty from them team, but no one really gets true respect or […]