Part 2 – 25 Quick Tips to Make Any Project A Success (Tips 6-10)


Project management comes naturally to some, but others must work hard to ensure their projects are completed correctly. What makes some managers better than others? Well, it starts with organization. A person who is well organized can accomplish much more than those who are not. Project management software is a great place to start. However, here is part 2 of our 25 quick tips to make any project a success we are giving you the second 5 tips so you to can achieve project success with every project you are managing.  Look forward to the next 5 quick tips next week.

6. Collaborate with Experts

In some projects, it is necessary to collaborate with experts. Don’t be afraid of the costs associated with specialists. It is always important to get help when needed. Whether it is someone that has a project management software that is needed, or someone who can give insight to the plan, be sure to pull the trigger and get help if the project so requires.

7. Manage the Changes

Many people add to the project constantly. Make sure to manage any changes. There should be a chain of command when it comes to any spending for the project. The project manager should only have the authorization to spend, but even then, those charges should be approved through upper management. If any changes are made, they need to be reviewed first.

8. Keep Time and Cost Analysis

Cost and time analysis is one of the areas that project management software excels. Keep track of any project request a labor versus progress type report. If there is too much labor costs and not enough progress, it may be time to make some adjustments.

9. Eliminate Errors

The point of having a project manager and detailed plan is to quickly identify errors. When errors present themselves, it is important to address them and eliminate the problem. Errors can be detrimental to any project and it can mess with the ROI.

10. Focus on Quality

Many workers feel so pushed to produce results that they fail to focus on quality. Remind workers that they must work quickly and wisely. Quality should never be reduced because of workers feeling that they are being pushed. Evaluate the project from a quality standpoint and make sure things are in line.

Make Your Project A Success

As you can see, these second 5 quick tips to project success are again pretty simple and easy to understand.  This reiterates the fact that there is no complicated formula or the need for years of schooling to achieve project success.  You just have to keep an eye on things like time, cost, errors and quality, while making sure actually discuss things with your peers and other experts.  If you want to manage a successful project and take what we showed you in the first 5 tips and layer in these 5 tips, you will be so far ahead of the game that people will start taking notice of your project management skills.