Life As A Manager: 3 Ways To Get the Best Out of Your Team

Motivating your team is one of the most crucial components of your role as a leader in your business. But boosting your workers’ productivity and keeping them efficient can be a full-time task in itself.

So, as a manager, how can you get the best out of your team? Here are the three top tips to keep your team focused and on task.

Incentivize Performance

There’s a reason many businesses incorporate bonus structures into their employee salary programs: incentives work.

While you don’t have to offer major money (or cash at all), dangling a carrot can motivate employees to work hard while also keeping them happy. Get creative with your rewards, and figure out some ideas that would catch your workers’ attention and keep them on your game. Management could offer a free lunch, gift cards or a spa certificate to the top performers each month. The important thing is to set clear goals then offer that positive reinforcement for employees who go above and beyond.

Set Clear Expectations

Many employees associate promotions, raises and bonuses as the top forms of positive reinforcement. They often see these actions as one of the only ways a manager rewards employee performance.

But to get there, they obviously need to earn it. If you are aware of an employee jonesing for a promotion in the near future, ensure you set clear expectations on how they can achieve it. Establish clear goals and milestones they must meet. For example, they need to dig up 40 new qualified leads a month to earn that annual bonus. Or they must see a project through from beginning to end to be considered for a promotion.

Motivate, Don’t Direct

Barking orders and simply handing down directives to your team members isn’t often enough to keep them on task. But that’s why it’s better to attempt to actively motivate your workers. What does that translate to? You should continue to guide your subordinates, of course, but offer them inspiration and comfort along the way.

Get Out of the Way

There’s a reason you hired the employees on your team: for their individual expertise. One major problem business leaders often encounter is getting in the way of their own employees. This is a huge drain on productivity, as no one likes dealing with someone staring over their shoulder all the time. Don’t micromanage — simply lead, then get out of the way.