Leankor + Salesforce = The Ultimate Formula for Success

Like most early-stage tech companies, Leankor needs to gain an edge on competitors while delivering break-through value propositions to its customers — the sooner we achieve these goals, the better.  After extensive benchmarking and research, CEO & Founder, Emilio Bernabei came to the conclusion partnering with Salesforce was the only logical choice.  Leankor had a vision of building an enterprise work management solution with all core customer interactions embedded native in the project and workflow management tools; the Salesforce Platform gave Leankor the competitive advantage that no other Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider could deliver.

The Economic Advantage

Our target markets include medium & large enterprises that deliver complex and/or custom products/services to their customers.  This means Leankor is perfect for manufacturing companies, which IDC estimates will gain $159 billion in new revenues and 638,296 new jobs by 2022 because of Salesforce and its extended ecosystem.  The IDC report also states Healthcare and Life Sciences industries will gain $68.2 billion in new revenues and 244,096 new jobs in the same period.  These numbers, directly taken from an IDC study by Salesforce, discusses the “Salesforce Economy” and how both Salesforce and Leankor are aligned in targeting growth industries.  The fact that IDC predicts every dollar earned by Salesforce will result in $5.20 for its ecosystem, provides comfort that we’ve made the right decision in a platform partner.  

The Technology Advantage

On top of this Salesforce Economy, is the shear innovation going into the Salesforce platform, that we at Leankor leverage in every aspect of our solution.  The Salesforce ecosystem is poised to lead the way in new areas like IoT, analytics, AI (Einstein is just so cool, and I will have to write a blog post just about that in the future) and more.  All of these innovations and their new Salesforce Lightning Experience allows Leankor to be at the forefront of many digital advancements that we can seamlessly integrate into our app with very little development time or architecture needed.  Alongside of this, we are integrating with  many of the Salesforce clouds, like Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning as well as in-depth integrations to Salesforce CPQ.  All of this combined with our innovative visual work management solution puts us light years ahead of a our closest competitor and allows us to provide a more robust solution to our customers.

The Community Advantage

If your company has Salesforce as a main component of their business, then you will know that the Salesforce ecosystem is more that just a business solution.  There are thousands of Salesforce employees and hundreds of thousands of other companies that use Salesforce that have built a massive community to not only support but to further grow and innovate the digital business environment.  Leankor is proud to be part of this community and was honoured to be included in the Salesforce Cohort 1 Incubator, which has opened up so many new opportunities it is too hard to count.

Gaining That Advantage With Salesforce

All companies strive to gain an advantage over its competitors but few do, because they do not have the opportunity to do so.  Leankor has taken that opportunity through its partnership with Salesforce and all of the advantages that it has to offer.  I have listed a few here but there are still many more that I will talk about in the future.  All we know at Leankor is that we are proud to be part of the Salesforce community and it is not only the platform we built our solution around, it is also at the core of the way we run our business.

Bonus Advantage, Dreamforce!

I can not mention how Salesforce gives companies an edge without mentioning Dreamforce, especially since we go every year and it is unbelievable fun as well as a valuable experience for us.  This year is no different other than we are sponsoring 3, that is right 3 Industry Partner Theater Sessions with 3 of our premier customers.  Check out our 3 sessions below or click on the links to get more information and save it to your agenda builder.


Enterprise Work Management for Manufacturing: Shorten Your Order to Cash Cycle

*  Tuesday, 11/7 at 3pm – 3:20 pm  Moscone South Industry Expo Theater

Molecular Devices – Greg Lowe


Enterprise Work Management for Telecom: Achieve Faster Customer Project Delivery

*  Wednesday, 11/8 at 1pm – 1:20 pm Moscone South Industry Expo Theater

SOLUS Network Solutions – Mike Oliver – Founder & President


Enterprise Work Management for Energy: Find the New Single Source Of Truth

* Wednesday, 11/8  at 3:30 pm – 3:50 pm Moscone South Industry Expo Theater

SunPower – Eric Potts – VP Commercial Operations