Leankor CEO Speaks at Salesforce World Tour Partner Panel

Salesforce had a World Tour Event in Toronto on April 20th, 2017.  On April 19th, they also hosted a partner event that included a panel event that our CEO, Emilio Bernabei was asked to participate along with Kelly Krumreich-Benny from Coveo.  This event was hosted by Hana Mandapat, from the Salesforce ISV Partner team. Both of these companies are great Canada-based businesses that have been successful within their own tech space as well as within the Salesforce Ecosystem.

The room was filled with other ISV partner prospects that were interested in learning more about the journey of becoming and being a successful Salesforce ISV partner.  The two were asked a series of questions that related to their experiences as Salesforce ISV partners.  Topics that were covered included:

  • Background of Leankor and Coveo in relation to being Salesforce Partners
  • The reasons why each became a Salesforce Partner for their business
  • What the things businesses look for in Salesforce as a Platform Partner
  • Tips for getting started quickly when a business becomes a Salesforce Partner
  • Is it easier to sell to Salesforce based customers or customers that are not on Salesforce
  • Understanding the various Salesforce Clouds that are available for Partners to utilize
  • Tips for engaging with all the peoples and groups within Salesforce to further business goals
  • The future of Leankor and Coveo in relation to the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Plus other tips and insights from both panel members about their journey as ISV partners