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Kanban Versus Scrum: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to project management methods, there’s no end to the tools available. Based on your organization and the needs of your team and project, there’s a wealth of options to choose from. Which leads us to a common question asked, particularly in the software development realm. Which is more effective: kanban or scrum? […]

Kanban Board Tip No. 5: Reviewing Completed Work

As any good manager knows, a team’s work doesn’t end when a task or project is completed. Once a task is finished, this is the perfect opportunity to use the gift of hindsight to look back and see where your workflow or the team’s performance could be improved. This is another issue a kanban board […]

Kanban Board Tip No. 4: Measuring Your Workflow Performance

When it comes to keeping projects on track and on budget, it’s integral to continuously improve the workflow used to complete tasks. One way to achieve improvement is to measure your workflow’s performance through the use of a kanban board. Examining the performance of your workflow can help identify problems and bottlenecks before they occur. […]

Kanban Board Tip No. 3: Managing Your Work In Progress

In today’s workplace, it seems that every employee’s daily to-do list is about a mile long. And with so many tasks in the queue, it’s tempting to jump from one assignment to another in an attempt to tick as many as possible off your list. But in reality, the opposite usually occurs — diving into […]

Kanban Board Tip No. 1: How to Set Up a Kanban Board

As we mentioned in our previous post, a kanban board system is a simple way to visualize your workflows and quell the chaos that often clouds projects. The word “kanban” is Japanese for “visual card.” It’s a solution that allows team members to visualize the workflow for a particular project all in one place, including […]

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White Boards – When Good Ideas Fall Short

In the last couple of decades, the whiteboard has become a ubiquitous corporate office tool. Also known as dry erase boards, they rose to an almost cult status in the 1990s and have now become permanent fixtures in many corporate boardrooms and meeting rooms. In the past, whiteboards have proven to be useful tools when […]