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White paper Digital Transformation of Project Development in the Solar Industry

White paper: Digital Transformation of Project Development in the Solar Industry

Project development in the commercial solar space is a high-stakes operation. Its lengthy timelines, and multiple interdependencies throughout, means there are countless possibilities for siloed communication, leading to delays.

Solar Array Project Delivery

Transforming Project Delivery for the Commercial Solar Industry

Commercial solar project delivery is highly complex process that, at any given time, involves multiple teams across multiple locations and time zones. The life cycle of each project is typically 9-12 months, with many teams and thousands of employees assigned to it, each with their own sets of deliverables at each stage of the project. This alone presents a unique set of challenges for any company.

Solar Webinar

Upcoming Webinar – Leankor Transforming Project Delivery in the Solar Industry

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Managing Work Across Multiple Locations with EWMS

Managing Cross Country Work with EWMS

For telecoms, managing work across numerous time zones is par for the course.  The rapid expansion of new technologies and potential revenue streams means that cross country workflows are complex.  In larger companies, work silos can start to form which break down the efficiencies necessary to keep a telecom profitable.  Enterprise Work Management Solutions (EWMS) […]

Enterprise Work Management built on the Salesforce Platform

Enterprise Work Management built on the Salesforce Platform

One of the constant challenges in the business world is productivity. Productivity is moving through projects at a quicker pace so that you can move onto the next one. Improved productivity also improves your relationships with your customers for continued business and a positive reputation that with increasing the amount of business that you receive. […]

The Benefits of EWMS For Telecom Companies

The Benefits of EWMS For Telecom Companies

Everyone has experienced a moment at work when everything just seems to break down – when no one is sure who is working on what, when it is supposed to be finished, or even how far along it is. Your management system is seriously broken down. Within smaller companies, keeping track of everything is simpler. […]

Breaking Down Silo

Breaking Down Silos with Enterprise Work Management Solutions

Productivity, sharing, efficiency, best practices, continuous improvement, effective task management. We’ve heard all the terms. We’ve been empowered time and time again to imagine, make, incorporate, and implement better ways to do things. Sometimes they stick. Sometimes they are just the latest flavor of the month that some C-level thought up and decided to promote… […]