Earn Employee Trust With These 5 Steps

While a manager must juggle a multitude of tasks to be successful, one integral skill they must master early on is to earn the trust of their employees.

However, this is no easy task to tick off your to-do list.

Getting the respect and trust of your workers can go a long with when trying to motivate them to amp up productivity and inspire them to take on new projects that may otherwise feel daunting.

So, how can a manager work toward earning his workers’ trust? Here’s a few steps that’ll help you get there.

Walk the Walk Yourself

It’s difficult to preach about a productive work ethic when employees can often catch you slacking off.

One of the easiest ways to consistently earn your employees’ trust is to walk the walk. Set the standard and lead by example. While this might sound like common sense, this step can go a long way in setting the tone for your team members.

Be A Risk Taker, But Openly Admit Missteps

Even if you are a manager in an extremely conservative industry, it doesn’t pay to always play it safe.

Respectable leaders can’t be seen as someone who is deeply afraid to take risks in a professional setting. Whether that takes the form of taking on a challenging project or competing for a promotion or new position.

The other side of this coin is that you must allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to admit when you’ve made a misstep. Every leader makes mistakes — so just own up to them when it comes to your team, learn from it and move forward.

Be Credible

This step generally goes hand-in-hand with setting the standard for your workers. Build credibility with your employees early on. But what does that translate into exactly?

Trustworthy, credible managers will follow-up with their employees, whether it be on a conflict or a task they were struggling with. They also work to build a solid reputation as someone who gets things done, with a track record to prove it. They earn their respect through a solid performance driving measurable business results.

Give Others a Leg Up

Great managers don’t spend all their time thinking about themselves and their own ambitions. They also lend a hand to help employees who could use a leg up.

They take workers with potential under their wing, offer positive feedback for employees who have gone above and beyond and sponsor those with raw talent from commendations and promotions. Yes, this involves putting your own neck on the line for the people you serve — but the results are worth the effort.

Go To The Mat For Employees And Give Appropriate Recognition

It’s tempting as a team leader to take all the credit when a project progresses smoothly and deflect criticism when something goes wrong.

However, managers can’t give into such a temptation. When a project goes well, the entire team deserves the credit, not just their leader. Effective leaders share victories with their workers.

And when an issue arises with a team member, a manager must be willing to go to bat for them. Back them up, offer them your support and defend them if necessary. This is a surefire way to build trust among your team members and earn their respect quickly.