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Complex Manufacturing

Case Study: How Molecular Devices Uses Leankor to Deliver on Complex Manufacturing Projects

Industrial manufacturers know that roadblocks can come up during the delivery of a complex project. These roadblocks and the rate at which they come up can increase exponentially when the projects involve hundreds of people spread across dozens of locations.

Teletrac Navman Leankor

Teletrac Navman chooses Leankor as their enterprise work management solution

Leankor is proud to announce that Teletrac Navman, a leading provider of cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software, has chosen to deploy Leankor’s leading customer-centric SaaS solution as their enterprise work management system.

Tips for Maximizing Your Investment in Leankor

Tips for Maximizing Your Investment in Leankor

At Leankor, we have clients across multiple different industries who use our platform to address varying pain points in their enterprise work management. Our team’s goal is to make sure that not only are they realizing better business outcomes through our solution, but that they are also getting the most out of their deployment of Leankor

White paper Digital Transformation of Project Development in the Solar Industry

White paper: Digital Transformation of Project Development in the Solar Industry

Project development in the commercial solar space is a high-stakes operation. Its lengthy timelines, and multiple interdependencies throughout, means there are countless possibilities for siloed communication, leading to delays.

Solar Array Project Delivery

Transforming Project Delivery for the Commercial Solar Industry

Commercial solar project delivery is highly complex process that, at any given time, involves multiple teams across multiple locations and time zones. The life cycle of each project is typically 9-12 months, with many teams and thousands of employees assigned to it, each with their own sets of deliverables at each stage of the project. This alone presents a unique set of challenges for any company.

Solar Webinar

Upcoming Webinar – Leankor Transforming Project Delivery in the Solar Industry

Register to attend this exclusive webinar and learn more about how you can start solving some of the biggest challenges to solar companies today!

Leankor - Manufacturing Digital Transformation

How SunCo Sunspaces Transformed Their Project Delivery

Find out how SunCo Sunspaces transformed their project delivery. Combining the #1 SaaS business platform and at truly customer-centric enterprise work management solution to optimize all levels of their business.

Leankor - Manufacturing

Embracing Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Companies

There are many challenges facing today’s manufacturing companies. When it comes to successfully delivering on time and on budget to their customers, this is especially evident. Find out how digital transformation can help manufacturing companies achieve better results.

Leankor - Manufacturing Webinar

[Upcoming Webinar] Leankor – Transforming Manufacturing Project Delivery

Our CEO, Emilio Bernabei and Jon Billings, General Manager of SunCo Sunspaces Inc explain first-hand how Leankor & Salesforce helps manufacturing companies transform their commercial delivery operations. There are many challenges facing today’s manufacturing companies when it comes to successfully delivering to their customers. Leankor helps digitally transform companies with complex, customer-centric projects, so they […]