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Productivity Tip #3: Examine Your Vendor List

When it comes to trimming down waste in a business, one area managers often look to first is their supplier list. Lean leaders can often boost a business’s bottom line simply by re-examining vendor contracts. It’s a good practice to revisit agreements written more than a couple of years ago anyway, but doing some research […]

Digital Whiteboard

White Boards – When Good Ideas Fall Short

In the last couple of decades, the whiteboard has become a ubiquitous corporate office tool. Also known as dry erase boards, they rose to an almost cult status in the 1990s and have now become permanent fixtures in many corporate boardrooms and meeting rooms. In the past, whiteboards have proven to be useful tools when […]

Kanban Visual Management

Productivity Tip #2: Update Your Company’s Technology

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with outdated technology. Out-of-date tech can create lag and bottlenecks in an organization’s processes. This is a waste of time and resources. Whether it’s number-crunching software used in payroll or equipment used on the manufacturing floor, old technology can be inefficient and can be a drag on productivity. While […]

Leankor Wins Big!

Everyone here at Leankor is celebrating some great news. Recently, the team attended and competed in the Energy New Venture Competition, hosted and sponsored by the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, as well as Innovate Calgary and Encana. And after spending the day pitching an impressive (and intimidating) judging panel on the Leankor […]

Productivity Tip #1 – Boost Workplace Productivity

Most Managers are often on the look out for new ways to boost their bottom line. Many tend to focus on increasing their profits. But another method of increasing margins is to hunt for ways to cut costs and eliminate any inefficiency or waste within your business. But cutting costs doesn’t necessarily mean cutting corners. […]

Lean Into It

And so there I sat, mouth agape, as my customer and construction industry veteran Bill Black explained, “The commercial real estate construction process is broken and mired in waste. Seventy percent of all projects end over budget and late, while up to fifty percent of the construction process is consumed in non-value add work consisting […]