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Kanban Tools Tip No. 2: How to Collaborate

Up next in our kanban board tips series are a few helpful hints to help you collaborate with team members once you’ve established your board. As we mentioned in our previous post, a kanban board system is a simple way to visualize your workflows and quell the chaos that often clouds projects. “Kanban” is the […]

Do You Have These 5 Essential Qualities of Lean Leaders?

Lean leadership is an idea that the primary principles of lean management can be incorporated into an effective leadership style for use across any industry. Weaving lead leadership into the fabric of a corporate culture can help with continuous improvement — i.e. progressive steps to streamlining workflows and focusing only on processes that add value […]

Better Together: Salesforce and Leankor

Some things just work so well together, it’s difficult to imagine them as separate entities. Now we can add Leankor and Salesforce to that list. On its own, Leankor is a helpful visual workflow management system that uses Kanban cards to offer teams transparency and efficiency when managing projects. And because it works hand-in-hand with […]

Shape Up Your Workflow With 5 Lean Management Metrics

Now that you and your organization are familiar with some of the basic principles of lean management, it’s important to effectively put those principles into action. But how do you ensure your workflow is as lean as it can be? By establishing some metrics to measure and track your workflow, you can be sure that […]

Kanban Board Tip No. 1: How to Set Up a Kanban Board

As we mentioned in our previous post, a kanban board system is a simple way to visualize your workflows and quell the chaos that often clouds projects. The word “kanban” is Japanese for “visual card.” It’s a solution that allows team members to visualize the workflow for a particular project all in one place, including […]

Difference Between Kanban and Jit

There are innumerable tools available these days that proclaim that they can help projects stay on deadline and on budget. And let’s face it — boosting productivity and efficiency are the most effective ways to boost a company’s bottom line. If you’ve spent any time learning about lean management practices, you may have heard this […]

Productivity Tip #5: Just Say No: End Endless Meetings

We all have worked in environments where it seems each day is held hostage by an endless cycle of meetings. According to a report from Bain & Co., up to 15% of a company’s time is spent collectively in meetings each year. And the estimated cost of these unnecessary and relatively useless get-togethers is staggering: […]

Improve Productivity with Leankor

Productivity Tip #4: Take Stock: Checking Your Inventory

When it comes to cutting down on waste, business leaders may find it’s time to take stock — literally. Take some time to examine all your inventories, regardless of whether your company manufactures a product, widget or offers a service. As lean managers are aware, one of the seven deadly sins of waste is an […]

7 Deadly Sins of Production Wastefulness

When it comes to reducing overhead, fewer methods are more effective than eliminating as much waste as possible. A lean, productive machine is also hypothetically more profitable. Many companies may succumb to certain common types of production waste, particularly in the manufacturing world. These types of waste were originally identified by Taichii Ohno to improve […]