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Why Accountability Doesn’t Mean Pointing Fingers

Many organizations struggle to create a corporate culture of accountability and personal responsibility. And in theory, this can be a fantastic way to nurture an environment where employees don’t need external motivators to get the job done in a timely manner — they hold themselves accountable and are intrinsically motivated to get things accomplished. Managers […]

Why A Predictable Outcome is a Major Goal in Lean Management

Consistently achieving predictable outcomes, particularly when it comes to a company’s workflow and/or processes, is one of the most desired goals in lean management. Why, you ask? Generally, predictability within this context is a sign that your organization’s workforce and processes are standardized and efficient. Both workflows are operating reliably and delivering consistently without major […]

How To Engage Employees in Continuous Improvement

One of the primary pillars of lean management is the concept of continuous improvement. According to TechTarget, continuous improvement (also known as kaizen) is defined as “an approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.” While it’s most well known for being applied […]

Kanban Board Tip No. 5: Reviewing Completed Work

As any good manager knows, a team’s work doesn’t end when a task or project is completed. Once a task is finished, this is the perfect opportunity to use the gift of hindsight to look back and see where your workflow or the team’s performance could be improved. This is another issue a kanban board […]

How Great Leaders Can Transform Poor Performers

Leaders face a number of challenges when managing a team. Not every employee is a model one — some are assets while some stagnate or even slip into the category of poor performers. But poor performers don’t deserve to be immediately written off as more trouble than they’re worth. Sometimes a conversation and some constructive […]

Kanban Board Tip No. 4: Measuring Your Workflow Performance

When it comes to keeping projects on track and on budget, it’s integral to continuously improve the workflow used to complete tasks. One way to achieve improvement is to measure your workflow’s performance through the use of a kanban board. Examining the performance of your workflow can help identify problems and bottlenecks before they occur. […]

3 Ways To Keep Your Remote Teams Engaged

In our modern age, technology has turned the traditional work environment on its head. The invention of email and online work management tools make it easy for team members to work from almost anywhere. And as more companies go international, teams are now scattered across the globe. According to a report from WorkAtWork, upwards of […]

Kanban Board Tip No. 3: Managing Your Work In Progress

In today’s workplace, it seems that every employee’s daily to-do list is about a mile long. And with so many tasks in the queue, it’s tempting to jump from one assignment to another in an attempt to tick as many as possible off your list. But in reality, the opposite usually occurs — diving into […]

3 Ways Visual Productivity Improves Workflow

Humans are visual creatures by nature. Just how visual? Research from 3M Corporation shows that 90 per cent of the sensory information sent to the brain is visual. And the tiny, firing neurons that make up much of our brain tell the same story — the neurons responsible for our visual perception make up a […]