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How Slack Can Improve Your Business

Companies and managers who subscribe to the lean philosophy spend a significant portion of their time and effort trying to boost productivity of their teams. Whether it’s through limiting work in progress, incentivizing performance or other methods, lean leaders are continuously attempting to keep employees constantly productive. But forcing everyone’s nose to the grindstone every […]

How to Redesign Processes to Cut End-to-End Time

By this point, most of our blog readers are familiar with the primary tenets of lean management. And one of the core lean principles is continuous improvement, which dictates that a lean organization should be driven to constantly innovate in an effort to improve its processes end to end. That primary lean principle feeds into […]

Five Things Managers Should Stop Doing Right Now

Many things weigh on business leaders. From choosing the right direction on projects to hiring employees, managers have to make many crucial decisions during day-to-day operations. But just because managers are running a team doesn’t mean they should wield their power any way they want. Those leaders who subscribe to the tenets of lean management […]

Using Lean Flow to Coordinate Conflicting Priorities

As we know, one of the basic principles of lean management is to optimize the production flow from beginning to end. Essentially, creating a product or initiating a service and delivering it to your customers should take as little time and use as few resources as possible without compromising on quality. This is all done […]

How to Cultivate Creativity in Your Team

Thinking outside the box can help team members solve problems, collaborate more effectively and nurture fresh new ideas. In general, creativity can boost overall business performance. But creativity is generally something that happens organically — it can’t be forced. So how can business leaders cultivate this quality in their employees? We’ve all heard the research […]

How To Use the Lean Decision Filter to Make the Right Choice

As a business leader, making decisions about how to move various projects forward can prove to be a daunting task in itself. Making the right choice can be a tough formula to crack. So how can you know how to proceed and which task to tackle first? Having too many choices and the wealth of […]

Why Accountability Doesn’t Mean Pointing Fingers

Many organizations struggle to create a corporate culture of accountability and personal responsibility. And in theory, this can be a fantastic way to nurture an environment where employees don’t need external motivators to get the job done in a timely manner — they hold themselves accountable and are intrinsically motivated to get things accomplished. Managers […]

Why A Predictable Outcome is a Major Goal in Lean Management

Consistently achieving predictable outcomes, particularly when it comes to a company’s workflow and/or processes, is one of the most desired goals in lean management. Why, you ask? Generally, predictability within this context is a sign that your organization’s workforce and processes are standardized and efficient. Both workflows are operating reliably and delivering consistently without major […]

How To Engage Employees in Continuous Improvement

One of the primary pillars of lean management is the concept of continuous improvement. According to TechTarget, continuous improvement (also known as kaizen) is defined as “an approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.” While it’s most well known for being applied […]